Wednesday, June 25, 2008

God Has a Reason by CJ George

A little boy and his dad went for a walk.
The little boy stopped and looked up. He said,
"Why did God make the sun?"
The dad said, "To give us light in the day." They kept walking.
The boy saw a tree and said, "Why did God make the trees?"
The dad said, "To give us oxygen." They kept walking.
The dad said, "Look at that deer."
The deer looked up and ran away.
The boy said, " Why did God make the animals?"
The dad said, "To give us food." They kept walking.
The boy said, "Why did God make me?"
The dad said, "The same reason as the sun, trees and the animals;
God has a reason."
By: CJ age 9


mefea said...

That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the poem with us CJ!

-Melinda p

Anonymous said...

I really love this story. I love all your stories. Keep on writing whatever God gives you. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I love you very much.
Love, Mommy

Anonymous said...

Wow! I really enjoyed your story. They are really, really good! Please keep writing more and sharing them with us. We miss you and love you! Aunt Karen

shawn said...

Cara and I loved your story CJ. You are a great writer. We want to read more so keep posting them.
Love you buddy
Uncle Shawn

George Family said...


Wow, that was a great story! I really enjoyed reading it. I can't wait to see you post some more.



Anonymous said...

hey c.j. as a grandma everything you do makes my heart fill with so much love for you. but!!!!! this blog is so amazing and shows me your walk with our jesus is moving along well. keep writing you have a gift, and it also gives this grandma one more thing to brag about when its about my grandchildren. praise god!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT work CJ. I really enjoyed it !!!!

Mrs. Hackworth

Flutterby said...

Wow, CJ. That is a great poem. Love it. Keep on writing....Sedanos

Heather said...

I loved your story. What a joy to read your poem! I hope that you post more for us all to read. I see that you too, have been blessed just like mommy with your writing ability. Keep it up..I am proud of you.
I love and miss you so very much <3
Aunt Heather

Anonymous said...

Hi, CJ: It is obvious you have been blessed with a wonderful talent for writing and expressing meaningful, thoughtful words which clearly, yet simply, explain a profoundly important story. I hope you will continue to cultivate your God given writing skills to reach out and share your beautiful insights. I am so proud of your beautiful heart and soul. Pam Standley
Please, share with us more of your beautiful mind.

Anonymous said...


I can't believe how beautiful "God Has a Reason" is. I thought you were writing down a story that you had read somewhere. It is fabulous. CJ, I always always knew that God has something special planned for you. I think you have a great talent for writing and that may be part of it. Many people are good at sports, singing, dancing and stuff but few can express in words wonderful stories. I look forward to more.


Grandma Paula

Tammi said...

Dude, You Are Awesome! While I was reading your story, I realized that I was smiling at the screen! Gramma Paula is right, God does have a great and special plan for you and He has given you many gifts to share with our family and the world. This story reminds me of how wonderful God is in that He gave us you, and the Earth, and everything in it. I know God has a reason for you, too. "When they see among them their children, the work of my hands, they will keep my name Holy; they will acknowledge the holiness of the Holy One Jacob, and will stand in awe of the God of Israel." Isaiah 29:23
I Love You - Aunt Tammi

Mary J. said...

CJ, when I read that, I was like, wow, that was really good. Then, I saw that you wrote it, and I was like Oh my goodness! I can't believe that CJ wrote that! It was so good. I agree with everybody that you need to keep on writing! God has given you a gift and you should use it to the best of your ability!

(excuse all of the "likes")

Cee C. said...

I think Mary, and everyone else is right! You NEED to keep righting! I hope you do, and I look forward to reading your righting!


Wendy Whitlow said...


Way to go Dude! In Jer. 29:11 God reminds us that He has a plans for hope and a future for you. I can see you are on your way!

Keep doing what you're doing. Great story...I LOVED IT!

Miss Wendy

Maureen said...

Hey CJ,
I love your poem, it reminds me of the verse in Ecclesiastes 3:1 where Solomon is writing about Lifes true meaning; "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven". I look forward to more poems!
I miss you and love you!
Aunt Mo

Anonymous said...

CJ! this is one of my new favorite poems ;]
i loved it. i am going to read it again, hee hee.