Wednesday, June 25, 2008

God Has a Reason by CJ George

A little boy and his dad went for a walk.
The little boy stopped and looked up. He said,
"Why did God make the sun?"
The dad said, "To give us light in the day." They kept walking.
The boy saw a tree and said, "Why did God make the trees?"
The dad said, "To give us oxygen." They kept walking.
The dad said, "Look at that deer."
The deer looked up and ran away.
The boy said, " Why did God make the animals?"
The dad said, "To give us food." They kept walking.
The boy said, "Why did God make me?"
The dad said, "The same reason as the sun, trees and the animals;
God has a reason."
By: CJ age 9

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There was God, by CJ George

There was God....

God created the Universe.
Inside that universe was a solar system;
inside that solar system was a planet,
inside that planet was a continent,
inside that continent was a country;
inside that country was a state;
inside that state was a city;
inside that city was a county;
inside that county was house;
inside that house was a boy;
inside that boy was a heart;
inside that heart.........

There was God.

by CJ George

Note: this poem was written less than 3 months before his diagnosis, while the cancer was already ravaging his little body.