Thursday, July 10, 2008

God Loves You More by: CJ George

Here is the Mothers Day poem CJ wrote on Mothers Day 2009

God Loves You More
by: CJ George

Once, a boy and his mom were walking.
The mom saw some flowers, sighed and said,
"I love the flowers."
"I like them too," said the boy.
They kept walking.

The boy looked up and said, "I love the sun and the sky.
The sun for its heat to keep me warm in the day,
And the sky for its beauty, in every way"
They kept walking.

It soon got dark. The mom noticed the moon and the stars and said,
"I love the moon and the stars, for their beauty too."
They kept walking.

A bird flew over their heads and the boy said,
"I love the animals."
The kept walking.

They were nearing home now and the mom said,
"Do you know who I love very much?"
"Who?" said the boy.
"You, that's who!" said the mom.

As they stepped on the porch the boy said,
"Mom, do you know who loves you more then the sun and the moon and the stars and the sky? And He even loves you more than I love you."
"Who?" the mom replied.
The boy pointed up and said,
"God, that's who!"

By: CJ George
Dedicated to mom on Mothers Day