Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When You Didn't Know by C.J.

This is a poem CJ wrote for his grandma right before he went into the hospital.
He recently gave it to her so we decided to share it with all of you who have asked to hear more of his poems.

To: Grandma Paula

When I was driving my go-cart and you were cheering,
You didn't know but I was smiling.

When my mom told me you were taking me to the movies,
You didn't know but I was smiling.

When my mom told be we were going out to eat with you,
You didn't know but I was smiling.

When we were going to your house,
You didn't know but I was smiling.

When my mom told be we were going to your work,
You didn't know but I was smiling.

When I was writing this poem,
You didn't know but I was smiling.

When I was giving you this poem,
I was smiling and you saw.
Thanks for making me smile.


Anonymous said...


Man. Your poems are awesome! You inspire me so much! We are so blessed to have you as part of our family. You truly are a new begining!

I love you buddy,


Anonymous said...

WOW that was good. You sure do know how to write. Keep them coming. I really enjoy reading your poems.
God Bless you CJ.
Ily Figueroa and her gang

Anonymous said...

CJ my son Austin wanted me to tell you that you are good at writting. He wants you to post more of your poems so he can read them.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem!
I love it CJ!

Melissa Castro

Heather said...

You don't know it but you make US ALL smile CJ. You are such a gifted writer. I love you and I love to read your poems.
Aunt Heather
<3 ;) <3 ;) <3

Jaime said...

CJ your poems are so wonderful. Thank your for making ME smile!

Anonymous said...

CJ You are so talented. What a wonderful gift the Lord has blessed you with. Your smile is seriously like the sunshine. BRIGHT and can light up any room. Keep that smile coming kiddo its a good look for you. ;)

Linda Espinosa

Unknown said...

What can I say, but that you are SUPER special and you have such a gift of making people smile (even when you don't know it!)
We love you,
Christina, Emma and the entire Riobe family (Uncle Harold's family) :)

Unknown said...


I am so honored that you have written so many beautiful things to me. I don't feel like I deserve them but I am grateful. If I could write like you I would pour my heart out and tell you that when we did little things like go to the movies, I wish I would have grabbed your hand, when we went out to eat, I wish I would have messed your hair, when you were telling me about a game, even though 5 people were talking, I wish I would have tuned them out and looked you in the eye and gave you 100% attention, when I went shopping instead of to one of your games, I wish I would have gone to the game, when we went to Disney World I wish I could remember your exact smile on the rides, when you gave me the best hugs in the world, I wish I would have kissed your neck, when you gave me the best back rubs in the world, I wish I could have told you what they meant to me. I can tell you that when I dream now, I dream of you, when I wake up 10 times in the night you are on my mind and I pray to God about you all 10 times, when I go shopping I think first about you and getting you something you would like, I copy your poems all day long and pass them to my neighbors and tell everyone about you. I tell friends and strangers about how amazing you are. I wish I were a better Grandma but I'm so grateful you love me anyway. All my wishes are yours.

Grandma Paula

Tammi said...

Dear CJ:

Your Smile is as Beautiful to me as the Sunshine is to the Earth and I need to see that Smile on your face just as much as the Earth needs to see the Sunshine everyday.

I Love You So Very Much,
Aunt Tammi

Tammi said...

Dear CJ & Dawn:

Here is another comment from my friend Pam in England. I am helping her post comments :) She would love for CJ to tell her what he would like to get as a present from England. Here is her e-mail about CJ's Poem to Gramma Paula:

Hello darling,
Iam subscrbed to CJs Blog. Clever dinasour are'nt I. On a more serious note, I just read CJs poem to your mum. I am crying. What a wonderful boy he is. Dawn and her husband must be so very proud of him. Are you ok darling? I am just off to work. Dont forget to find out what CJ would like me to send from England. Love and best wishes to you and your beautiful family. Pam xxxxxxxxxxxx

Break the Mold said...

When I read this post to him, and asked him what he would want he said "maybe one of those hats the guards wear!" I don't know if she can get anything like that! But I thought it was funny he said that!

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ,

When I just read your poem to Grandma Paula...You didn't know it...but I was smiling. :)

It was very nice! Hope you're having a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Hey CJ, it's great to see you smiling, and great to read your poems, so...keep writing and keep smiling. You encourage us all, and you have the coolest smile I've ever seen. Think you could give me some smiling tips? ;)


PS I got your letter, and I'm gonna send one back soon.

Anonymous said...

hey there my little sweetie, i love your poem for grandma paula, i know that this was a wonderful gift to her that she will treasure forever. your gift for poetry is like a beautiful sunset, you can never get enough of its beauty, just like your poems and all that love you have in your heart for everyone.i can NEVER get enough. i love you with all my heart buddy!!!!! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!

CeCe said...

Wow, big smile. Miss you bunches!


Sonia said...

Oh CJ what a bautiful poem to you Grandma you have such wonderful feelings abaut her, and that is because she really is a great Grandma. Enjoy each other and don´t blame yourself about any thing, tnings happens for a reason. In spanish we have a saying that goes "God writes straight in a twist road"
Keep getting better.
Sonia, Antonio, Andrea y Alejandra

Anonymous said...

Hi, CJ: Just had to tell you what a wonderfully written poem this is for your Grama Paula. She is one person who truly loves you, inside and out, and I know that she carries your words in her heart always. She is so proud of you. When I was in melbourne, I read it to my mother and she thought it had been written by someone much older! You are such a smart boy and God has given you some very special talents. I just love to read your words. Love, Pam