Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pray for CJ Bracelets

We are extremely grateful for all the people who have offered to help us financially. We are amazed that people are even offering to help this way when finances are so difficult right now for many people. We even had one family from our church anonymously pay for our first air conditioner leak when we were in the hospital that cost $400.00. Thank you whoever you are. I assure you, we may not know who you are but God knows! And your reward will be greater than any thanks we could offer. My husbands job and co-workers have been extremely generous. Grandmas and grandpas and family have helped us with much of the initial expenses and we are so grateful that God has provided for us through all of you. Please hear our hearts that we know God is using you to bless us and that your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed by us or by our heavenly Father.

Aside from those mentioned above, many others have had the desire to help us in this way as well. We decided the best way was to have bracelets made that would also remind everyone to pray for CJ. You can wear them or put them somewhere as a reminder to pray for him when you see it. We will use any money made off the bracelets directly towards CJ's care. It will be put into a fund for him to be used as needs arise.

Each bracelet says Pray for CJ (and) C-B-C and it has the cancer ribbon. The CBC stands for Child Battling Cancer. And it is a the same initials as Complete Blood Counts. As you know Children Battling Cancer are fighting to keep their Complete Blood Counts at safe levels during chemotherapy. So the CBC is there to remind you to pray for his CBC as well.

Each bracelet is $3.00. There are a couple ways to order. You can order through paypal by clicking the link on the upper left hand of this page that says "Donate". When you order please specify the number of bracelets you are requesting. You can also get them by e-mailing me at and I will give you the information to send a check or money order. Or you can also get them through my daughter Alibrandi if you see her at church or other events.

Thank you for your support.
Pray for CJ!


Anonymous said...

they look very cool, i cant wait to get one.
thank you for updating so much!

hey Cj,
thats so cool you have bracelets with your name on them, it will be so exiting to have something to remind me to pray all the time!
talk to you soon, - -
` `
Andrea ()

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The braclets are beautiful! Thank you for finding another way to help us feel closer to you guys during this time. I can not wait to get my braclet!

Aunt Jackie

Tammi said...

Dear Dawn & CJ:
I am going to get a bunch of bracelets! Me and Travis and Jerri-lyn Dawn, and Uncle Chuck are gonig to wear them, and I bet that his mom will and so will his niece, Stephanie, and his brother, Bryan McPherson and Tricia McPherson and Eric and Angel McPherson and so will
my friends Jamie, Christi, Shawn & Benjamin, too! My friend Pam in England is going to wear one too! I am going to send her one in the mail and she is going to send me English Money for CJ! Isn't that neat! I will put in the three US Dollars to cover the three English Pounds! I am going to encourage everyone I know to wear the "Pray For CJ CBC Bracelet"! Pretty soon people will be able to recognize that they are a "Friend of CJ" by a baby-blue ring around their wrist!
I Love You,
Aunt Tammi

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ, I'm gonna have to get some of those, they are pretty cool! You know, I just thought of a song that you might like, I'm gonna try and send it to your dad. I believe that it's called 'Get Up, Stand Up' The chorus starts out 'Get up, stand up. Don't give up the fight.' It's by Curtis Allen, the Christian rapper from Maryland, and every time I think of you fighting cancer, I think of that song. I hope I can get it to you and that it encourages you to keep fighting.


Break the Mold said...


Thanks sister. Your post made me cry. I love you sooo much. Thank you for keeping Gainsville praying. Allie told me you are doing a Light the Night walk at the Gator Stadium. We are all so jealous. How cool! DO they actually walk the swamp? Or is it outside? Pam has 40 people walking on a cruise ship on their way to the Bahamas Saturday night since they won't be here for the walk. They will be carrying their red balloons and wearing blue bracelets too! Isn't that cool. We will post pictures when they get back!

Dr.'s here...gotta run..i love you...

Anonymous said...

I love the bracelet idea! I hope you sell out and have to order more. I prayed for the CBC this morning, thanks for the practical reminder. I wanted to tell you that Victoria wrote "Go CJ!" three times in the space on her bracelet. She is praying for you too and said to tell you she hopes you get better soon and she misses you.
Love, Vonda

CeCe said...

I saw them in real life. They are so cool. I hope lots of people get them! I am going to try to get two or more. I can't wait to see you again CJ. You are going to have SO many people praying for you. Did you ever think you would have your name on a bracelet? I have to say, I think that is pretty awesome. Be strong in the Lord.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

hi everyone, i will be thinking of
you tomorrow during your walk and
praying. i know you will have a great turnout. i think the bracelets are a wonderful idea.
it will remind everyone to think of you and pray. i will be ordering
some tomorrow for me and uncle john
and my grandkids and for grandma kay and a few more to give to my
friends that have kept up on the
blog. i hope you have a great day for your walk. we love you
uncle john and aunt char

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful idea the bracelets are. We will be ordering some too!

We will think of all of you tomorrow. I am sure there will be so many people, it will be an awesome walk! You have to tell us about it.

We are all praying that this week went well for CJ.


Nicole, Alberto and Ana

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ Team,

Just counting down for the walk tonight. Kevin and I can't wait to see all of you. And Kyle really wants to see Corey again! Kyle was all smiles when he saw Corey yesterday! We will see you soon!

Aunt Jackie

Carmen Behar said...

Hi CJ,
A little note from the Behar's. We are praying for you daily. We hope you had a better week and are enjoying being at home! YEAH! We can't wait to buy some bracelets for the whole family and to see you guys tonight at Light the Night!
Mr. & Mrs. Behar, Paul, Chloe and Noah

Anonymous said...

We love the idea of the bracelets. We will order some soon. Even our family in Puerto Rico is praying for you and want some bracelets.

Since we cannot be at the walk tonight, we appreciate having another way of contributing.

Keep writing poems. We love to read poetry and your poems are as good and inspiring as any great poet's.

Janel loved the thank you letter.

Caelan can't wait to hear from you. He has his own cell phone and was wondering if you would like to call him one day.

May God continue to work wonders on your life,
Sean, Denisse, Caelan & Janel

Anonymous said...

Hi Cj,
i think we've only met once or twice. I am a good friend of your aunt Jackie. I want you to know that i am AMAZED at your incredible faith in Christ. You are truly an inspiration to me and to many others out there. I bought two bracelets the other day from Jackie, and i just want to buy more and give them to all my friends, and share your incredible story. You are an incredible child and I know you are going to get through this cancer with no problems at all. You are strong and your faith is overwhelming. i pray for you every day & will continue to pray for you and your family in this journey you are all going through.

Ashley Ortega