Friday, October 31, 2008

Todays Results...Calling All Prayer Warriors

CJ's CBC's were drawn today and his counts were pretty low. They did allow him to started his four day chemo and it has the potential to drop his counts further. Therefore, they want us to come back in on Monday morning and have his blood tested again. If it is any lower they will probably give him a blood transfusion on Monday. So we are asking everyone to join us in earnest prayer this weekend for elevated counts by Monday so he will not need the blood transfusion.
You are forgiving and good, O Lord,
abounding in love to all who call to you.
Hear my prayer, O Lord; listen to my cry for mercy."
Psalm 86:5-6


Anonymous said...

Cj we will be praying for you.
Ily and the gang

Unknown said...

Please whomever reads this blog step up your prayer time for CJ. Ask God to improve his counts this weekend. Please be diligent on his behalf. Pray for the entire family as this blood count hits hard and isolates them even more as they have to almost volunatarily quanrantine the entire family to protect their little guy from infection. It hits hard as reality sets in even more how dangerous this is even though the protocol seems so routine to the doctors. As the family had some relaxation and fun during the week enjoying the weather and time home, now a new pressure is added to the mix. I love all of you so much and I will pray to God all weekend to be with all of you and CJ --.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear George Family, The Mahfood family will be on their knees if not prostrate praying for CJ's blood counts. Let's go prayer warriors: Let us go boldly before the Lord on CJ's behalf. Lord your word says The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. How much more the prayers of men, many men and women crying and praying out for CJ....Your word also says, The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry. The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their trouble... Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. Let us cry out brothers and sisters on CJ's behalf and believe in these promises that the Lord will deliver CJ out of all his troubles. Lord, we pray for CJ's blood counts to be normal so that he does not have to have a blood transfusion. Lord, your word says that whatever things we ask for in prayer, believing, we will receive. So Father as we come to you in prayer, we believe and receive from you that CJ's blood counts are normal. All this said according to what your word says, which are your promises to us. Thank you for your word and the promises in it. Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power in us, (Lord, I pray for much power in us) to Him be the glory and we ask all these things in Jesus' precious and holy name. Amen George Family, we love you. Know that our hearts are right there with you. The Mahfoods

Anonymous said...

CJ..I love my little buddy lots!! I know there are days when you feel great and days when not so great. Just think of the world series. There are some innings which are more difficult then others but it's how you play the game, pitch by pitch that matters. Keep your eye on the ball (the Lord) and he will see that you make that home run. You have the spirit to definitely beat "this battle with cancer" and all the love of anyone that comes in contact with you. Can't wait until we can play catch and I can chase your little butt around those bases!! You've got me on my knees little one.

Love always & forever,
Your Aunt Penny

Anonymous said...


As we study history we know that in every war there are many battles throughout. Some times there is progress and sometimes defeat along the way, but in the end, when victory comes, there is much celebrating. Understanding that this is a journey, may you find peace knowing that in the end, there will be victory! Our prayers are with you that your blood counts will rise to levels that would be best for you, but no matter what the counts, the Lord is still at work in your body and in your soul. He is still in control and still loves you very much no matter how many times your counts rise or fall. His love and care is constant. May He strengthen you today in every way.

Mrs. Pino

Anonymous said...

My prayers will be with and for you CJ. I pray that your count raise back up to above the highest levels they have yet to reach! I pray this in faith not just in words. I am calling the Lord out on His promises. CJ, now it is a time for rest and comfort in the Lord and your family. Consider yourself in a nest (your home) that your mother has so earnestly made for you to rest, grow, and be comforted in. Like Blue Birds! Mama Bird, keep doing the impossible! I ask that our Lord continue to strengthen you.


Aunt Jackie

Elena Rodriguez said...


We pray for you always, as you know, the Lord has already won the ultimate victory.

Dawn and Chris, I am amazed by your ability to communicate humility and love on this blog. We love to be a part of your church family. God is using all of you for His glory...

Love, Elena R.

Anonymous said...

We will be praying extra extra extra hard for all of you this weekend. Our thoughts are with you.
Lots of love

Nicole Ana Alberto

Anonymous said...

CJ, we are praying for you!! God is faithful and He will continue to sustain you through this and give you strength.
We love you all!!
Sedano family

Anonymous said...

CJ, You are a warrior and the Lord is your strength and your shield. We will pray for your CBC and for the home treatments to go well this weekend.
With love, VG and family

Anonymous said...


I'll be praying hard for your blood counts this week! It really helps to have the wristband because it reminds me to pray for you and your family throughout the day, and I love telling people who ask me about it how much God is doing in and through your life during this!

As I was falling asleep last night I started thinking about you guys and was wondering what costume you and Brett might wear to go trick-or-treating... this was the first thing to pop into my head...

Thank you, Dawn, for keeping us up to date on the blog. I'll keep praying for you guys!

CeCe said...

CJ, what's up? You look cool. Wish you were here with my family. Miss you lots! Okay, I don't really have anything to say except..... wait.... I forget what I was going to say... hee hee. Okay, I am going to pray now. I know I have not prayed for a while, and for this post, I really really feel the need to pray.

Dear Almighty Heavenly Father God,

You know what is going to happen to CJ, and you are doing most of this for a purpose. Please help CJ's blood counts get to the perfect amount so they don't have to give him a blood transfustion.

George family, just believe in the Lord, and know that he will do everything that he wants to with CJ. Know that so many people are going to touched by CJ. We all love you!!!

In Christ,

In Prayer,


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm one of the "Cobra guys" My wife (Robin) and I will be praying for you and your family.
I look forward to the day I see a photo of you driving your gocart.
Take care and be strong.

Anonymous said...

C.j. I will be praying for you every minute of the day, you are in my heart and mind in every thing i do. If I wake up in the middle of the night I immediately think of you and pray. If I'm cleaning I'm thinking of you and praying. Buddy GOD loves you so much and he is by your side every minute as these prayers from everywhere come to him.He knows your needs before your Mommy and Daddy even know, so we just have to trust him seek his face and know he is already doing mighty things in your life that we just aren't aware of yet. I love you soooo much C.J. and I know that my DADDY in heaven loves you more. Grandma colleen

Anonymous said...

The Behar family will be praying for your blood count along with all the others. The Lord's will be done!

What a surprise today...huh? The body of Christ and especially those at Palm Vista is so amazing! God is so GOOD to give us such close friendships and such POWERFUL love! Bald is beautiful!!

Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord!
We Love You,
The Behars

Anonymous said...

My family has been and will continue to pray for CJ. You made
a calling for all prayer warriors, here is a prayer warrior family. There is power in prayer and in the mighty name of Jesus.
The Lahera family

gathering said...

We've been praying for you and your family, CJ, and will continue. I heard a bunch of people came to your yard today :-) Praise God for how he is sending love your way.

Much love,
The Chisholm Family

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ, I am praying everyday for God to heal you, but also to give you the strength to keep on fighting. You know that you are not alone in this time. Your family and friends are here with you, but most importanly God is with you. If you watch Tim Tebow play you'll see on his eye paint "PHIL 4:13." It reads...

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I pray CJ that Christ will strengthen you to overcome this illness because he can do all things.


Anonymous said...

CJ, the whole church prayed for you today, we went to the break after worship with images of you in the screens.
CJ you are so important to all of us, you have impacted our lives so much, I can not even start telling you the many ways. It was also very special to see all the guys young and not so much :)that shaved their heads to stand right with you. I know that many of us will change place with you in an instant if we could.
CJ, the title of the sermon today was God is able to deliver you from the fiery appropiate! and some frases that hit me strong were that if we are going to be strong in the trial, we need to be strong in truth, and you are!!! thanks also to the diligence of your godly parents. The other point the brought a lot of peace to my heart is that His glory and our good never take heart my friend that even in the midst of this He, who love you first and design every little part of you IS, yesterday, today and tomorrow for your good.
We love you, and like Wayne Brooks (who preached at church today) said "We will do everything to appropiate the power of God in this situation" on your behalf.

Jeremy and Nico pray every night for you without us even telling them :)
Praying for you without ceasing
Claudia for the Abeggs

Tammi said...

Dear CJ,
My knees are sore from kneeling and praying for you. I have to put a pillow under them now because I don't have any carpet in my house! You know what? I don't care if my knees break because I will stay on my knees with amy head bowed until GOD gives us our miracle. I love you CJ. I am a prayer warrior for you.
Love Aunt Tammi
P.S. I loved the Light The Night Video with "By His Wounds We Are Healed" we are healed!

Sonia said...

Dear CJ and family, is monday evening and what had to happen today, all ready did. What ever it was a hope it was the best for you. Thank you for allways remenber us tu pray for you. You ask because you need it, and we do it, because we needed too.
Thank you for your open hart and sincerity about your feelings, sins, prejudices and all the moves in your soul at this difficult time. CJ and you, are in God´s hands, keep in trusting Him, and all of us will keep in praying for you and for ourselves.
With Love,
Sonia, Antonio, Andrea and Alejandra.