Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God's Perfect Odds

Although I tried to convince myself I had a free pass in not voting yesterday and I told myself no one would blame me if I did not go, I knew it was not only my right but my responsibility to go and vote. The idea of waiting hours in line and having to come back and shower because of my exposure to people just sounded like a huge burden to add to an already full day. Oh, how I am glad I did not listen to myself. I had the most incredible encounter.

I ended up in about a 45 minute line outside in beautiful weather. I put on my sunglasses and Chris's i-pod he sent with me and hit play. I closed my eyes and entered into an amazing 45 minutes of worship and prayer. I cried the entire time! I think the gentleman behind me must have thought I was taking this election thing way too seriously. The tears just came and fell endlessly. I desperately needed this. I was struggling with this release of emotion. I used to cry my eyes out every morning on the way to the hospital and every evening on the way home. All the time spent waiting and being still at the hospital allowed the tears to come easily. But ever since we got home I have struggled with letting the tears fall. I have felt them come to the surface but they stop short of leaving me as if they are determined to stay a part of me. The couple opportunities I had to attend church and spend time in worship also afforded me this release. But ever since CJ's blood levels began to drop we have been unable to attend.

Unfortunately, I rarely find myself alone. No matter how early I wake, the baby seems to wake with me. If I am in the car, there is usually at least one body there with me. Having a young toddler never allows for much down time during the day. But God got me alone in the line to vote that morning. There was nothing to do but stand there and seek Him. I prayed and repented and surrendered and worshiped. Thankfully for everyone around me I worshiped silently. But God heard. I even had to check myself a couple of times to be sure I was not singing and praying out loud. It was as good as any Sunday morning service I have ever attended, except in this instance I stood out like a sore thumb. I was swaying and nodding and bowing and even found my hands leaving my side at one point. Thankfully, I had to hold the i-pod with one hand and was able to shove the other in a pocket to contain it. My eyes would open and I would realize there was a 15 foot gap in the line where I hadn't moved forward because my eyes were closed. I would be embarrassed and scoot up and tell myself to keep my eyes open but they would close and it would all happen over and over again. I kept telling myself not now, this is not the time but it didn't matter. God said it was and who am I to judge His timing.

At one point, Chris called to check on me and he could tell I was really struggling. He had been praying when I left because he was also struggling all day with emotions and couldn't quite get right. Quite honestly, we were both struggling with some circumstances that had come to our attention this past week and how to process them. That is what makes this encounter so sweet for us.
I continued in this tearful worship for the remainder of my time in line. When I came to the end of the line before entering the building where the actual voting takes place, a lady in front of me began talking with the man behind me. I didn't pay any attention at first. I began putting my i-pod away and telling myself I better get myself together before I go inside and vote when I over hear her say, "I already voted today." I couldn't help but wonder why anyone would stand in line for 45 minutes if they already voted so I started listening to their conversation. She continued to explain to the gentleman that she felt this election was so important she was standing in line for her sister who was pregnant and did not want to wait in line. She then planned to go stand in
another line for her mother who was physically unable to stand in line for any large amount of time. This immediately made me think of how I tried to talk myself out of coming and standing in line due to my circumstances. I felt this strange desire to tell her but thought it would be crazy to say anything so I just listened to them chat about how she felt it was so important that she was willing to do this. The push to say something to her became a burden. It was incredible. It was like someone was shoving me at her and I was saying 'hold up, wait a minute, let's think about this'. I was having this internal dialogue about all the reasons not to say anything but before I knew it, the words came out of my mouth.

I said to her, " I have something I want you to share with your sister." I paused as she turned to look at me. I remember thinking this was really crazy and it was going to sound insane but instead of stopping like common sense told me to I continued to say, "Tell her that the lady behind you in line today just found out 2 months ago that her 9 year old son has cancer and standing in this line was one of the hardest and most embarrassing things she has had to do, but she did it because she knew it was the right thing to do." All of sudden her eyes get HUGE. I mean HUGE! And she locks eyes on mine and she says, "My son had cancer when he was 6 years old. Aggressive, Stage 3, Large cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma." Yes, that is exactly what she said! Not only is that a rare cancer but it is the exact cancer CJ has. My heart starts racing. I don't know what to say, I am stunned. In that moment of silence in between her words, I feel fear begin to creep up to the surface from deep within because I am aware that what she says next is going to really affect me powerfully one way or the other. I want to know but am afraid to ask so I just stare at her. I think she senses this and she grabs my arms, squeezes me and says fervently, "he is 22 years old and alive and well."

I felt the tension I bottled up in that moment release and I said something really profound like, "Oh, that is so good to hear, thank you for telling me." She looked at me and said, "You know it is not by chance that you are in this line." I knew that, but I also knew that she did not know I had just spent the past half hour crying and surrendering this whole situation to Him again. She could not know I was praying and worshiping and crying out to Him. She did not know I was seeking some confirmation that we were on the right path. But God did. He heard me. And he met me right there in line to vote. At this point, I am being called in to vote and she tells me her name and says she will wait outside to pray with me when I come out. I must tell you that I know I walked in and voted and bubbled in all the little circles but it was all automatic. My mind
was consumed with what just happened. I wasn't even able to digest it or properly thank God yet because it was all so fast and impossible. I kept thinking how I stood behind this lady for 45 minutes. Had I not said anything and just minded my own business I would never have had this encounter. Even if I would have engaged in small talk it may have never happened. What is the
likelihood of this happening? Please understand that even though it seems like cancer is everywhere, childhood cancer is extremely rare. Only about 12,000 children in the United States get cancer every year. That is really a small number in the overall population. And it narrows immensely when you are talking about the exact cancer CJ has which is not as common a childhood cancer. It just baffled me! I kept thinking, what are the odds? But I know that when God is involved in anyway the odds are perfect!

So I voted and came out and there she was with her Bible and some scripture ready for me. She shared some verses with me and a little about her experience. She said some things that only God and Chris could know I asked of Him. She shared how important it was to know he is God's child and to surrender him to God. She said that God loved my son with a perfect love. I just sat and listened to her, nodding. I thanked her and said my good-byes and drove home. I only live a block from the voting precinct so that did not give me much time to process it all. I walked in and told Chris immediately I had to share something with. I sat down across from him and told him this whole story just as I shared it with you and he cried and prayed with me right there. We thanked God over and over. That is when it finally sunk in God's amazing gift that day. He was reminding us He is in total control. He is Sovereign. He will meet you wherever you are; even in a line to vote.

But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.
Duet 4:29


CJ has been doing well this week. He was quarantined most of the time because of low blood counts. Today we did sneak him out for a little fresh air. It is extremely difficult and physically draining to think through every decision you make, every breath you take, every thing you touch and person you see. Everything is weighed against some ultimate unseen force. Balancing it out with faith and wisdom is a difficult balance to keep at times and yet we have to press on each day and try not to second guess every decision we make.

He has been feeling well and in good spirits overall. He cried because he overheard me say a lady who has little money sent $3 for a bracelet. I did not know why he was crying so I asked and he said he felt bad for her and couldn't believe she would send it for him if she did not have much. He is so gentle in so many ways.

CJ and I will rise early tomorrow (Thursday) and go to the doctor to have his CBC's drawn. Please pray for good counts. Then we will head over to the hospital for an overnight admission. He will be put to sleep and have a Spinal Tap to check his spinal fluids and inject chemo directly into the spine. Please pray for clear spinal fluids. He will receive some chemo through his port, be monitored overnight and then released on Friday to come home and receive home health chemo for the remainder of the weekend. Please pray for Gods favor on the procedures and staff we receive and our ability to see beyond our situation and reach out to others.

Note: We were sent home after having CJ's CBC's this morning because his counts were too low and he was unable to receive Chemo. He will be taken of all chemo for a week to allow his body to recover and bring his counts up and we will start again next week. We are thankful for this time for CJ's body to rest and recover and build strength. We will wait and pray for elevated counts and protection against infection.


Due to our circumstances Chris and I are looking for an affordable, safe, used family car we can purchase as a second vehicle. We realize we have two years of this and we need to have a second car to go back and forth for doctor and hospital visits. Planning our visits has become a burden without having another car. When one of us goes to the hospital with CJ the other is stuck at home with three kids and no way to transport them anywhere or to get to and from the hospital. If anyone knows of someone selling a used car in decent condition please contact us. We don't have the time to do the searching right now but are praying that someone will know of one that we can purchase.

Thank you for your prayers,

The George Family


gathering said...

Wow Dawn!

I think its so very amazing how God works, how He loves us and how He is not far from each one of us. How encouraging for you to hear her story and how encouraging for her to share it with you!

What are the chances of her finding someone in line with a son that has that specific cancer? Good thing she isn't the silent type either.

Thank you so much for sharing your tears, your fears, your frustrations, your worship, and how God provides and encourages your family.

We will be praying for the procedure later on this morning.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, it is so wonderful to read about your walk with God is my prayer that your mind and heart will continue to know that He is present always. I know that He is faithful and even in the darkest moments He is the light and He will continue to guide you. May you find more restful moments in quiet pastures, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall lack nothing." Psalms 23:1 I remember reading this verse many times and singing it many times....until one day going through a very difficult situation I could not say the words out loud even in the privacy of my home. I had to fall down on my face and knees and ask God to help me believe this with a very heavy heart. I realized that just this very simple truth was really challenging my soul. I could not continue reading the rest of the Psalm. But with time He did restore my soul and made my lie down in green pastures and lead me to quiet waters. He worked through many people and in many surprising ways. Thank you again for being so transparent. I know that God will continue to bless you and your family. Wilma

Tammi said...

Dear Dawn,
Of all of your posts that I have read, this one was really, really moving. Deeply moving. I am so grateful for the gift of expression and communication that the LORD has given you. Your words enable me to feel so close to you. I wish I could be there for you my sister, but you know that spiritually, I am. I promise.
I am praying for CJ and you non-stop.
Love Always,
Tammi Jo

Anonymous said...

Dawn as I read your post and am writting to you now tears are rolling down my eyes. Tear I too have been holding inside. They are tears of joy. The joy to see how God moves when we allow Him. When we don't stand in His way. Tears of joy to give us a chance to serve you guys. This is a long road but if we all focus on Him the road will shorten. All eyse are on you Lord. Once again thanks for allowing yourself to serve the Lord and share this with us.
The Figueroa's

Anonymous said...

All I can say is - wow! God is so amazing, thank you for sharing all of the wonderful things He is doing with, for, and through you...thanks for humbly sharing your life with us, with warts and all...this blog continues to encourage me immensely! Thank you Lord, for your ways are not our ways. Your plan for our lives is so much more than just the day to day things we do, but you have a much larger purpose, to honor and glorify You above all other things.

: ) Becky

Anonymous said...

Chris & Dawn,

Sorry I had not mentioned this earlier, but when I was collecting $ for CJ's light the night one of my co-workers said she had a friend that had a child diagnosed with some spinal cancer at 18 months of age and today she is a young lady about 18 years old and cancer free. Praise God for this encounter on election day!

Our homegroup was praying for all your family last night and for CJ's healing. We love you all and are praying for all of you daily!

God Bless You!

Viguie Family

Unknown said...

I wanted to know how much your last post touched my heart. Isn't God wonderful the way he makes Himself know in the most unsual places. I have CJ's name posted on a sticky note on my computer. I pray for him every time I sit down at my computer to do anything. I am also posting his name on my refg. where I go to way to many times. LOL I wish I could be there for you and do something to help you out. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers and thoughts daily. My daughter was very sick as a young child and they could not tell me if she was going to live or die. What a stressful time that was. So I know some of what you are going thru. I am happy and blessed to tell you that my daughter is now 34 years old and very healthy. It was hard to turn her loose and let God have it , but I never saw any change in her test results until I did. Once I turned it over to God and said I just can't handle it nothing changed. After that the very next test results improved and now she is well and healthy. God is still in charge and I am so grateful for that. Please know that I am praying daily for you all. Sending super-glue kisses to CJ. That is what I send my grandchildren. ( They stay forever and can not be wiped off) lol my babies love their super-glue kisses. God be with you all.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, in our bible study with our home group last night, we were talking about Sunday's message and how God is with us through our fiery trials. We had a great time of sharing. I couldn't help but think of you. This is a prime example. It's easy for someone to hear of the stories in the bible and think they are just stories. But they are not! Your story seems just as unbelievable. It's not! God is real and He reveals Himself when we cry out to Him and seek Him with all our heart, like you were doing. He heard your prayers and answered them specifically by placing you in that line at that precise time, behind that specific lady, who's not only been in your shoes, but also knows Jesus, and who spoke His words to you...on and on. None of that was a coincidence. It was a God-incidence. He knew you needed reassurance, encouragement and to know that He is still in control. He will not leave you nor forsake you! You didn't feel it physically, but I know you felt it...He was putting His arms around you and holding your chin up to His glorious face saying, "I love you, my child. I'm with you and I hear you. Keep your eyes on me. Trust me."
Isn't it awesome to know Him personally? This is what a relationship with our God is all about!

2Corinthians 1:3,4
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! God is so amazing. I totally echo what Janet said, we are writting stories of faith and trust in the midst of trials, some of our trials are nothing in compare to others like yours but hopefully will be able to see Gods glory in amazing and miraclous ways like shadrach, meshach and abednego.
I was so deeply ecourage by what you wrote because I was able to see His reigning sovereignty, Thank you, thank you, thank you for being humble enough to share your journey with you filled my heart with hope. I love you, can't wait to give you a hug...but I wil :)

We have, are and will be praying for today and tomorrow, please give CJ a big squeshy hug from the Abeggs.
Love, Claudia

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I am another who read you post through tears. As of this morning we are back to square one with our move, and I have been repeating the verse that I emailed to you last night over and over to myself.
Psalm 62:5 Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him.
I know that God is in complete contol of all the details in our lives. He is painting a picture with our lives, but we are unable to see the final portrait. I am learning to wait quietly, and your story today was a beautiful confirmation that God is with us at all times and in all circumstances. We need only to seek Him.

Anonymous said...

Wow Dawn! How amazing - thank you, Jesus, for all you are doing for Dawn, Chris, Allie, CJ, Brett and Corey! We love them so much and we are so grateful for your loving, tender care, and for your encouragement when they need it most. Dawn and Chris, thank you for baring your souls to us - you have no idea how the Lord uses your experiences to strengthen our faith and encourage us as well. We continue to pray for CJ's healing! Love, Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

I am glad that God brought that lady to you, I am sure your whole family is encouraged by this. I'm sure you will never tire of receiving our prayers, even if you ever get tired of hearing "we're praying for you", so here it is again, I LOVE YOU GUYS AND AM STILL PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!!


P.S. Tell Brett I miss him and can't wait to see him again.

Anonymous said...

God is so good, God is so good, He's so good to the Georges! I know I repeat myself, but it is true, our God is an awesome God. The stories you tell and to see God's hand at work in them, they are just amazing, inspiring, God stories. This post made cry like know other, tears streaming down my face. I was hoping no one came in while I was reading the blog so I wouldn't be interrupted. Dawn, with all you are going through, to know God is right there with you must be an amazing feeling for you. You are not alone beloved. Your God is walking with you and your family the whole way.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing to see what God does through us, his creatures!!

Praise the Lord that he used you to talk to that lady, and praise God for that lady whom God used to minister to you. It is so cool to see what God is doing in your life Mrs. George. Every time I read the blog, I am encouraged by what you are going through. I see how God is refining you through the different trials he puts in your path, it is a wonderful thing to see, and I am very thankful to you for sharing all of your struggles on this blog.

C.J, it gave me so much joy to see you the other day, even though we were kind of far away from each other. I hope that you seeing all of us, (with our shaved heads!), encouraged you, and reminded you that you are not alone in this trial. We, your friends, and fellow comrades, are right next to you, locking our arms with you through this battle. I am praying for you, that you would have the strength to persevere through this obstacle, and that you would never lose sight of your Savior, Jesus Christ.

I love you all, and I thank God for you and your influence in my life.


Anonymous said...


It's like those scriptures and writings in the Oswald Chamber's daily devotional I was reading to you a few days ago. Seek Him, Follow Him, Listen to Him, and "will" yourself to His cause and glory. It is not easy to do what you are doing. But, the blessings and miracles that can only be from Him are flowing through "you" because of your openess to Him. I admire your will! I know your strengh is from Him. But, you are continuing to walk in faith. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Hello Chris, Dawn, Allie, CJ, Brett & Corey,
We love you all and are praying for all of you daily! Hope to see you soon!!!
Uncle Terry

Anonymous said...

Now that's a triangle big enough to trip over!!

Anonymous said...

I just felt compelled to come back in here and say that, Dawn, you are so special, and yes, God loves you and is doing a mighty work in you and your family and through all of you. I know Dawn will agree with me in saying that if you don't know Jesus as your personal Savior, know that the way He is revealing Himself to Dawn, He can and does do for anyone who desires to know Him and love Him. Come to Him as you are. You, too, are special to him. It's not about what you do or don't's about what Jesus did for you. It's not about who you are, it's about who He is.
Dawn, I love you, my dear friend! Thank you for sharing your sweet heart with us.

Heather said...

I don't think any one of us had a dry eye when reading your newest blog. It is amazing what God's little nugging can lead too!!

"The Lord your God is with you,
He is mighty to save,
He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with his love,
He will rejoice over you with singing"
Zephaniah 3:17

I love you all so very much. We continue to pray for you all. We miss you!

Unknown said...


You certainly were in the right place at the right time. Firstly, because you needed to cry. You are so rarely alone and you can't make yourself cry but it sure feels good to get it out. Secondly, the lady whose son had cancer. What a blessing to meet her and amazing that her son had the same type of cancer that CJ had years ago and is well. She was waiting all day for people but God put her where she needed to be waiting too. I bet she went home and told a long story too. She even waited for you to finish voting. God bless her. I laugh when I think about the guy behind you watching you sway and worship with your hands up in the air and cry. I can only imagine what he was thinking BEFORE you opened your mouth and he heard what you told the lady. I would have loved to tell him "a penny for your thoughts". Amazing, how we see people and quickly access and dismiss them as nutty or something and we can be standing right next to them and they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. I've even heard that some suicidal people, that were planning to commit suicide on that very day, stopped only because a stranger looked them in the eye and said, how are you? Some of those same people reached out for their own family members that very day and were dismissed without them really thinking about the seriousness of the problem.

I guess that doesn't fit here but it is a reminder that we need each other and can pray that God will put us in the path of a person that needs us and put a person in our path that we need. With all the cell phones and gadgets it is hard to free ourselves up to the needs of others. I'm going to look for someone that may be hurting today to see if I can help.

Baby, it is such a blessing for everyone to see you worshipping non-stop through all of CJ's illness. I know that you are helping people that need the encouragement to do so in their lives during trying times and wow, the people who thought, now let's see how Dawn's faith is through this trial. I know it is because your faith is based on being so much in the word, the living word and God is so much a part of you and with you that nothing will shake that faith. I'm sure God is pleased with you, so much. He'll wipe your tears baby. I'm here for you too.

I love you - Mom

Break the Mold said...

Thank you for the comments. They really are helping me to see God more clearly in all of this too. I shared this encounter with you knowing it was a gift from God but not really appreciating how personal it was. My hope in sharing it was that people would encounter His Sovereignty in a fresh way. That is why I called it God's Perfect Odds...there is always that temptation to think it is coincidence or luck. To show you just how rare it is...I have not even met another family with this cancer at the oncolgy unit yet. And then there it is in the line to vote whenI needed it most.
I want to be changed in two ways because of this experience. First, (like my mom said in her comment) I want to be more aware of others around me and the opportunities God places before us. The woman I encountered is really the amazing part of this story and how I want to be. She was ready and willing to be used by God. As soon as the opportunity presented itself she shared her experence and His love and grace with a stranger. She even waited for me to vote and was there to share the scriptures and prayer. She put God's plan and my needs in front of her own agenda for that day. She was flesh and blood, she had to be faithful and follow through with obedience. How often do I rush from thing to thing trying to keep my schedule that I completely ignore God's and miss the biggest blessing of all. "For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Eph 2:10 God prepared this work in advance and the woman walked faithfully through it. Oh that I would be like that! That I wouldn't miss any of the 'good works' He created in advance for me to do!

Oh God, change my vision and my idea of what each day should be and what I need to accomplish to feel like I had a successful day. Help me see more clearly your vision for each day and what you would have me accomplish.

Secondly, I want God to continue to help me put aside all vain thoughts and selfish ways. I spend too much time worrying about what I will look like or what people will think of me if I do this or say that...and it hinders obedience when the focus is myself. In this line to vote, the enemy wanted me to focus on what a fool I would look like. He wanted to rob me of this experience and I regret any moment wasted giving in to those foolish thoughts. All too often they have held me back from speaking the truth to someone or sharing my testimony with someone or worshipping openly in front of others!
Forgive me Lord, help me to minimize thoughts of me and maximize thoughts of You. When I tempted to be embarrassed or think of how I will look help me to remember that you hung completely naked and humiliated on a cross for ME!

And lastly, I must echo Janet, this personal relationship with God is avaliable to anyone. I don't want anyone reading this to think this is only my experience or a limited few. Or that it has anything to do with me. "For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile-the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on Him, for Everyone who calls on the Lord will be saved." Romans 10:12

If God, the creator of all the universe, would take the time to minister to me in a voting line. Please hear me when I say there is nothing lower He could stoop to talk to! I know many of you reading this blog do not know me personally. My family and close freinds reading this can testify and appreciate the miracle of all of this becuase they have known me all of my life. I don't want anyone reading this blog to get the impression that this relationship with the Lord or experience with God has anything to do with me. It is all Him. God dug me out of the deepest pit there could be. (My Bible mentor thinks she was at the bottom of the pit and I don't have the heart to tell her that it was my head she was standing on). If God can use me He can use anyone!

For the love of my Savior,

Anonymous said...

hi everyone,

just wanted to let you know that
your latest blog was amazing and
of course brought me to tears. i am
in such awe of all your experiences
and encounters that you share with
everyone. i know it has and will make a differene in everyone's life
who reads this and also those who
have a relationship with you personally. it has certainly changed the way i feel about
certain things. things that i have
no control over at all. i just say,
ok GOD, you are in control, and
leave it at that. i must say my
heart is much lighter. dawnie, i
have learned so much from you in this short time (from the blog).
you are truly an inspiration to all. i continue to think of you
everyday and your family and of course you-CJ and wish nothing but the best for all of you always.
love, aunt char

Unknown said...


Not only your blog is inspiration but the message in the comment section is as well. You are so open to all and yes everyone Dawn wasn't fortunate enough to be brought up in a Christian home like the Pina family for example. I remember when Melinda came to do the first piano recital at Dawn's house, her father was there and he was more proud than any of the parents with the children playing the piano. I remember him opening with prayer and I watched how he looked at his daughter and I wished that my childhood had been like that and that my children's childhood had been like that. It was far from it. But thankfully Dawn and her family did "break the mold". It is so hard not to repeat family mistakes but she and Chris didn't through the grace of God.

When Dawn was 16, 17, 18 times were tough and my husband looks at her now and says he would have never believed it in a million years. See what God can do. He came home a few months ago and Dawn and a few of her friends were on their knees praying in my living room while they were waiting for their kids at a near by art class. He went in the garage and shortly thereafter I went out and he looked at me and said, I suppose if they were Catholic they would all be nuns. I had to laugh but I knew he was happy with what God has done for Dawn.

I'm so happy when I read the comments and I see that my sister-in-law Char is being blessed by this site as she is praying for CJ and it feels right. Please everyone know this blog is for all. Not just those who know the scriptures so well like Dawn and her friends from her church. When we were in the hospital recently with CJ and Pastor Pino asked if we all wanted to pray when it came to me I felt so inadequate after hearing their eloquent prayers and I said so at the beginning of my prayer. Within 10 seconds the pastor had his arm on my back. As soon as the prayers were over Dawn looked at me and said, Mom, your prayers mean just as much to God as ours do or something like that. So don't be afraid to write what is in your hearts. It is the heart itself being gauged, not the words.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for your humulity and nakedness! Your comment means so much! I pray along with you that I will not miss any more God opportunities because I put my meaningless obstacles that I feel are "important" in the way. I must remember that when we, Christians truly trying to walk in faith and obedience, must realize that common sense and "most" of the thoughts that cross our minds are worldly and not of God, unless we "will" and "train" ourselves to think of Him. And when we hear or feel that nudge, no matter how awkward it seems to our common sense or flesh, we need to listen! Almost all of the things that I have said to someone or done for them that felt awkward to my nature, ended up to always be a blessing that God used me for without me knowing. I have recently backslided and I am clawing my way back out of the pit of worldly nonsense, like movies I have watched that have served no point in my life or walk, not spending the time with God that I need to. But, I will not let my flesh win. I wonder why when I give God jut a "little bit" and see the AMAZING things He does with that "little bit" why do I not give more? I have seen Him do such amazing things with the little I have given Him. Lord, I need you and love you. I am sorry for backsliding! I should be giving you more not less. Forgive me! Help me seek you first above all else. Thank you for nudging me! I do not want to ignore your voice! I love you, Lord! Thank you for loving me! Thank you for this God devotional that you have created through the George family. I have witnessed so many great things you have done in my lifetime and you continue to do such amazing things. I am in awe of your Greatness.


Once again, thank you for this opportunity!


CeCe said...

CJ, I can't wait to see you again! I was so happy to see you when we dropped by to show you the 5 people that shaved there head (including my dad!)! Miss you tons. Okay, prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father God,

Cj has low blood counts, and we are asking you to help him get the perfect amount before Chemo this weak. Please help the Georges to get a new used car. Please let it be perfect for them.

Sorry, I would make this longer, but I have to go! Bye!