Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tune In....

As CJ was getting his CT scan today at the hospital, Lotsy Dotsy, the hospital clown, walked in the room. As soon as he heard her voice behind him, he strained his neck to see her with a big smile plastered across his face. I was so relieved to see that smile because he has just endured a painful process of getting an IV in three different veins until they could find one that worked. It wasn't pretty.

Lotsy played the harmonica for him as he got his scan and then she told us she had good news. Channel 4 was on their way to the hospital to do an interview with CJ and Lotsy! It is meant to be a heartwarming piece about a boy and a clown and how that clown helps this boy get through some of the most difficult days spent at the hospital battling cancer.

We were all very excited about this news but I noticed CJ began trembling. We thought he was cold but he was a little nervous when he heard about the interview. When the journalist, Jim Robinson, showed up, CJ was completely at ease. We were all so impressed with this man as he interviewed CJ. He was fantastic and made CJ very comfortable. It was like sitting down and talking to a friend. At one point, CJ whispered in my ear, "Mommy, why does TV movies make journalists look so mean? They are really nice." I had to laugh because I realized why he was so nervous at first.

The interview went great and we are excited to see how the piece turns out. It is scheduled to be aired on Channel 4 between 5 and 7pm tonight! Be sure to Tune in! It will also be on the Channel 4 web page at www.cbs4.com/mojo in case you miss the TV one or do not live local. Mr. Robinson said he will put a link to this blog from his blog so I strongly encourage all the blog readers to check out his blog at http://pod08.prospero.com/n/blogs/blog.aspx?webtag=WFOR_JROBINSON and read the article on CJ he wrote and let him know you appreciate this piece. I would love to see him get a flood of response from this piece. Then he will be sure to follow up with CJ's story in the future and we will make more people aware of children battling cancer.

Don't forget to pray as we anxiously await the results of today's scans. We know they got good pictures and we are praying that means good and 'clear' pictures, with no sign of any further disease. He is also scheduled for PET Scans on Thursday after his chemo. Please pray with us that the tumors will be completely gone and not just "nearly" completely gone as we were told before.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! This is great. CJ, you are famous!! ;-) We'll be tuning in to see your handsome face and your smile that can light up a room!
Praying for you and your family...

Anonymous said...

Hey there TV stars! You both looked great on the blog! CJ that smile just lights up the screen. Now we can say that we know someone famous! The reporter should know how talented CJ is. You should show him some of CJ's poems, especially the one you both wrote. It is a very emotionally powerful poem that everyone can relate to. Did that make sense?! :)

We are keeping you in our prayers and thoughts

Lots of Love

Nicole Alberto Ana

Pam Standley said...

Hi, CJ: So now you will be on TV for all to see! What's next? Movies? Can't wait to see your cute face on my TV tonite and I anxiously await your interview. I love you. Pam Standley

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, this is sweet! I can't wait to see the whole story! What's it feel like to be on TV?


Anonymous said...

wow that is so cool!
getting ready to watch soon, cant wait.
praying for you Cj, love,


Anonymous said...

man that was a great story!!!
i almost missed it but ran down the stairs just in time to video, then i was reminded its already online..hehe silly me!
thanks for letting us know, it was cool to see you on TV Cj!!!
miss you,


Anonymous said...

WOW, CJ. You did great! You didn't look nervous at all! Now, Dawn, you, on the other hand, seemed a weeee bit nervous. hahaha. You both looked great. We sat through all the 5:00 news, and wouldn't you know it, it didn't come on until past 6:00. It was worth the wait....and it was different than the one on the CBS4 News web site.
We love you!!!! Praying for you all!!
Sedano family

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ and DAWN
This is your neighbor across your house! It was great seeing you on TV! Thanks for the heads up Dawn! CJ is a natural star.
Both of you guys looked great on TV! I wish you both the best and you will always be in all of our prays. I am impressed at CJ's writings and will be putting CJ's blog on my foundation's site. I will be reading the blog and look forward to more posts. Take care, see you soon... and I look forward to receiving my braclets...

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ! Since you're a TV star you're famous and I hope Lotsy Dotsy made you happy. I hope you are cured soon. I will continue praying for you and your family CJ.I really miss you at church.


Your friend,

Anonymous said...

My Mom called me to tell me that CJ was on TV because I had not seen the blog during the day. Dawn and CJ, you guys did an amazing job. I got goosbumps seeing you both. God is amazing; there are no coincidences in this world and its awesome to know that now many more people will be reading the blog and praying for CJ and the George family.
Thanks for opening you lives to all of us. You are a great source of faith and enouragement.
We love you all and are praying for you daily!


The Viguie's

Anonymous said...

HI Guys,
We saw the piece and read Jim's blog. It was very nice to see familiar faces on TV. I went ahaead and posted a thank you to Jim and God willing he will follow up on Cj's progress. I pray that the Lord can use this reporter and Cj's story for his glory.

BTW Cj you did awesome you are a natural.
ILY and her gang

Unknown said...

CJ and Dawn,

I've watched it about 6 times so far. Amazing how great you guys did. Naturals!! CJ your smile was and is awesome. Lotsy did great too. Papa came home last night and I played it for him and he cried. I played it again 10 minutes later and he cried again. He can never really talk to me about it but I felt he must have had to let the tears out. Sometimes I wonder why he can't talk about it and I start to get angry but when I saw the tears I understood why. Everyone handles these situations differently.
Also, the reporter Jim was great and kind. Maybe someone should invite him to the party on Sunday for all the cancer kids and their families. Dawn, what do you think? He could do a follow up after meeting CJ.
The picture of you going into the scanning machine with the big smile is awesome too. You know I love you buddy. Baby girl, I love you too and I'm so proud of you.
Mom and Grandma

Anonymous said...


That is the most amazing picture of CJ going into the Scan! I just starred at it for a few minutes! Thank you for sharing that with you. You have no idea how much that means to me! I know it takes a lot of time away from your duties as a mother and a wife. I can only imagine because it is pretty difficult with just two little ones to get to the computer to read and type a response. So I am thankful that you with your four children and husband taking the time to do this! It is an amazing blessing beyond words! I watched the piece on channel four and read Jim's blog and posted a response. I am speechless! I am in such awe of all of this. It was so nice to see CJ smiling. You both looked like angels. I love you guys.


Anonymous said...

Chelsey and I saw the clip on the Internet and thought it was wonderful. I'm so happy that the Lord has provided someone like Lotsy Dotsy to bring you joy in your difficult times at the hospital. We continue to pray for you.
We love you much, Mrs. Fab & Chelsey.

Tammi said...

Dear CJ & Dawn,
Please, please send us a copy of the news piece! We only could see the segment on CBS.com and that was awesome, too. Please put it on GodTube, too, if you don't mind. That way I can watch it whenever I want to, ok?

Now, down to business:

Heavenly Father,
Please forgive me of all my sins and please accept my sincerest thanks for Your constant care and loving attention to my nephew CJ. I boldly and sincerely ask You Father, in Jesus' Name, to allow Your Grace to fall upon my nephew CJ, to Bless him with Your might and mercy, and to give him Your peace. Please Father, remove from him this disease and give him back his health! I beg You LORD, In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen
Love Tammi

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ,

We just wanted to tell you that we miss you and are STILL with FAITH in GOD praying for you!!! Let's hope for great results!

We love you...

The Sanchezes

Anonymous said...

George family,

I received this e-mail today:

"I am in need of much prayers. I have a close friend of 12 years who has been faced with one of the hardest things life could bring. She has a 2 year old little girl named Gabriela Garcia who was diagnosed with a stage 3 cancer called Neuroblastoma. She has a large tumor right above her kidney. She went into surgery on Tuesday December 2, to try and have the tumor removed. The doctors were not successful as the tumor is too big and has roots which are wrapped around other organs like cement. Right now she is not doing good from the operation. Doctors said that if they even attempted to remove the tumor they would have lost her on the table. She is faced with a very aggressive tumor. The only option they have left is to chose the right form of chemo for there little girl to attempt to reduce the size of the tumor and then try once again to remove. Right now the odds are not looking to good. I ask for you to pray for baby Gaby, her mother Mildred Garcia and father Juan Garcia as well as her big brother Julian Garcia age 3 ½. What they have been faced with is not easy and only the power of prayers and God could save this little girl. Please spread the word we need has many prayer warriors as we can get.


I forwarded your blog and some scripture to them. I don't know them personally and I don't know their faith, but I think it would be good if more people pray for this little girl and possibly they can even communicate with you since you know exactly what they are going through. I'll try to get some information.

You're always in our prayers!
Love ya,

Viguie Family

Anonymous said...

Dawn and CJ,
Your interview was great! You both were so natural, and you made such good points! I hope other hospitals take note and have a 'Lotsy' for their young patients as well. I love what Lotsy does for you! We are going to look into our local children's oncology unit, where Lindsay has been wanting to volunteer since summer, to see if they offer something similar. CJ, you are a showman, for sure!! What a wonderful job you and your mom did!! Thank you for sharing it with us! Love, Aunt Karen