Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brave Love

Week one of phase four is finally behind us. Sometimes just getting started is the difficult part. CJ did extremely well and had no serious reaction to the new medicine substitution Erwinia. He was watched closely both by the doctors, nurses, and us at home because this is still an experimental drug. He had a slight swelling of the lips on Monday, but Wednesday and Friday we saw no signs of reaction. He will be watched closely next week as he continues receiving these shots again on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week. He also began a steroid regimen again and that has increased his appetite incredibly. Because it is such a strong steroid and has a high risk for joint problems, he was changed from a taper dosage to a start-stop, start- stop dosage pattern. This is a relief and something Chris and I were hoping they would change. We expect to see much less side effects this way and are grateful for the change in protocol.

CJ's spirit continued to improve as the week progressed. Chris took him on Monday and we noticed he struggled with going and Chris said he seemed down the entire time. I came later and noticed he was not personable or friendly and just did not seem himself. He mostly took it easy that afternoon and rested. By Wednesday, we switched, and I took him to his appointment. We had a good morning and some quiet time alone in our little chemo cubicle before the patients began to pour in. One such patient was in the cubicle next to us separated by only a thin curtain. We could hear them arrive because the patient had a tracheatomy. That means she had a breathing tube inserted in her throat at the trachea to help her breathe. At times, those that are trachead can have a very loud gurgling, slurping kind of sound. I have heard this many times over the last four months and never had a problem. But at this particular time, it was extremely loud and I have to confess it was very difficult for me to listen to. I began to struggle immediately and could not believe I was being this insensitive to another patient. I actually started to get really nauseous and wondered if it was bothering CJ because every now and then I noticed him look over at me or just seem to be listening. Lotsy happened to be there talking to us at the time so I could not leave or move. This went on for 15 or 20 minutes or so and it increasing got worse. I kept praying silently, yet earnestly, over and over confessing that I was ashamed to feel this way and I asked God to help me be more sympathetic. I kept asking God what was wrong with me? Here I am with my child who is sick and I would never want someone to feel this way when they see his bald head or his port, and then another child comes in and I am worried I am going to get sick from the noises. I just keep praying and praying and asking for forgiveness and asking God to give me a stronger stomach. I kept wondering how I was going to make it through the entire day like this and then I suddenly realized.....all I have to do is take one look at the child and it will go away. I don't know where the thought came from...the Lord, the Holy Spirit, myself...but the message was as clear as it gets. "Get up and go look into the face of the child and you will be fine." So that is exactly what I did! I got up and walked around the curtain and I looked and saw the most beautiful, big eyed, little baby girl! She was precious! It was quite a surprise to see a baby. I thought it was a big child for some reason. She was only about 17 months old (same age as my Corey) and I immediately wanted to scoop her up and give her a hug. She looked up and smiled and waved. Her mom was there so I engaged in conversation with her and she turned out to be really open and friendly. I learned that Amanda also had cancer except it was an extremely rare brain cancer. She was diagnosed at age 4 months, had surgery , radiation, was trachead and had a feeding tube inserted. She finished chemo a few months ago only to relapse with a new tumor. Surgery again, chemo for 2 more years and her survival rate just went from 5% to unknown because her cancer is so rare. (That is the short, easy version of a real life story that would blow your mind). I spent the next hour talking to her mom and feeling free to ask many questions both medical and spiritual. I discovered she is also the wife of a law enforcement officer and a Christian. These commonalities lead me to ask her questions about her faith and beliefs in the midst of this trial. She was open, honest and encouraging to me. To be perfectly honest, I had been struggling the past couple weeks with my emotions, thoughts, and tension. I had been seeking God with how to handle it and then here is this little girl and her mother and I immediately realized how blessed I am. Needles to say, I never once felt nauseous after I laid eyes on this precious little girl. Quite the opposite. I was thankful that the sounds were a distraction and that they distracted me enough to get up and do something about it. I would never have talked to the mom this deeply if I was not determined to go over and look her child in the face and say hello. So sometimes, even our inappropriate reactions can be a tool God will use to minister to us and others. He allowed me to see a side of myself I did not like that morning. I was surprised and ashamed by my own reaction and yet through confession and asking Him for help, He provided not only the relief I was looking for, but so much more in the form of blessing and answered prayer to my struggles.

By Friday, CJ was back to his normal upbeat and kindhearted self and we shared some wonderful conversations. We spent time journaling together and making Valentines cards for family. His Aunt Penny came to the hospital while he got his chemo and that was uplifting for him. She got to see how his anxiety builds right before he gets his shots and how incredibly brave he is. Brave! I have been thinking a lot about bravery lately. Maybe that it because I have the privilege to watch a 9 year old boy display it on a weekly basis. Maybe it is because I am surrounded by it at the hospital and maybe it is because I have been studying Esther, a woman of bravery. Bravery would be a quality she displayed when she entered the Kings palace without knowing the possible outcome. Certainly, there was the very real possibility she would lose her life. But more importantly, the lives of those she loved would be lost of she wasn't brave. My situation is, by far, different than that of Queen Esther. But lately, I sense God calling me to be brave none the less. In the beginning of this trial, it used to be a clear call to "trust Him", but I think since we made some progress there, He is now urging me to "be brave". It is the next logical step after all. Once you surrender to trusting Him, He then says, "Take courage and be brave, we have places to go." I know this may not be the typical thing you hear a woman talking about growing in. We tend to relate bravery to a man's world. I am married to one such brave man! But this study of Esther has opened my eyes to bravery in a whole new way. And to discover that a woman of "bravery" is worth far more than rubies! Somehow, I relate to the Proverbs 31 woman in a whole new way! Thank you Beth Moore for uncovering that golden nugget that was buried right before my eyes. It is like having buried treasure right in front of me with only one layer of sand covering it for years and you reached in front of me and made that final swipe of earth that uncovered the riches held below.... how my heart explodes with joy. Yes, God called me, a woman, to be brave!
Like Queen Esther, I also do not know the outcome, but I do know God wants me to be brave in the face of the unknown. I am learning that bravery does not mean I have a strong stomach, thick skin, and no fear. It means I am girded with every ounce of strength the Lord provides and I am valiant because I have One who has gone before, is my rear guard, and who carries me when I can't carry myself. Through this experience, I have become keenly aware that bravery is at a whole new level when it is required to be demonstrated for those we love. It is one thing to be brave in the face of danger to oneself; it is quite another to be brave in the face of danger in order to protect those we love. And that my friends, is love. "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13) Do you see the connection? To be brave is to love enough to lay down ones life for his friends! That is what Esther risked. More importantly, that is what Jesus did!

One of the many things I love about God is how kind He is in encouraging my progress when we are learning a lesson together! As stern as He is with me when necessary, is as sweet as He is with me when necessary! He did just that this week. We took CJ to a Valentine dinner at a restaurant called Brio with some family from Venezuela. His Aunt gave him a gift with two movies in it. Both were themed on bravery. She even wrote in his card that she chose these movies for him because "these movies are an example of courage and love."
Over coffee we were commenting on how great the restaurant was and she suddenly says to me, "Do you know what Brio means in my country?"
I have no idea, so I ask , "What?"
She looks me in the eye and says, "It means brave, valiant."
And I just look at her and smile (and have that inside private moment with God) and think, 'of course it does!'

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9

An excerpt from the journal of a brave 9 year old boy:

"....I know I am almost done (with chemo) but sometimes I feel like I am done and that I just can't go anymore. But I know that with God all things are possible. Through this next two weeks God will be helping me the most. I may only see one pair of footsteps sometimes but I know that means God is carrying me......even the doctor said to me that this is going to be one of the hardest times right now, but I know that God will help me through the tough times..."

Happy Valentines Day!
Love Brave!


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for sharing! It is so encouraging to know that our God is big enough to use our failings for his glory and our good. He is so amazing! Way to be brave, CJ!


Anonymous said...

Dawn and Chris,
Thank you for sharing from your hearts with us. We will continue to lift CJ up in prayer before our heavenly King! The 'God-incidences' you are experiencing are nothing short of amazing! We love you! Aunt Karen and Uncle Terry

Unknown said...

Yes, Dawn you are learning to be brave. In fact Aunt Penny was so happy to be able to spend Friday with you and CJ and she told me how hard his little hand was squeezing her as soon as the nurse entered to give him the shot. She told me how brave he was. Then she told me that later she told Miguel if CJ was their child that they would never make it. She looks at you sitting there looking normal and she is convinced that she and Miguel wouldn't be able to do it. I secretly think that every other Mom that reads here and encourages you and CJ feels exactly the same way. So yes, God has brought you closer in trust and faith and now is teaching you more about bravery. It kind of reminds me what I said on the last blog that was sort of like a question to you and I hope you'll answer it here about the little wonders of the scriptures opening up and revealing more at this time (like the bravery) and knowing that during this hardship you are centered directly in the will of God and accepting it and actually closer with Him. Maybe you can print it over here and answer for me.

Penny was also amazed, absolutely amazed that after the day she spent with CJ Friday knowing that he had the same day Monday and Wednesday that he could rally his spirits enough to let us take him to a Valentine dinner and be full of smiles. He never complained about his day, he didn't even mention it. He never uses the "cancer card" to get special treatment. His smile that night was so unbelievable, so beautiful and Sonia and Andrea both said how amazing he looked and how brave he was. Brave was the theme of Valentines week and he is the true "Brave Heart 9 year old". His journal, wow, my heart squeezes when I hear the words from him.

I'm so grateful too that the doctors did change up the protocol and ease a little on the steroids since you saw some of the children ahead of him suffer so much and also that he seems to be handling this new chemmo well.

Love you guys so much.


Anonymous said...

Dawn and CJ, thank you again for sharing your incredible and inspirational walk with God. May you continue to be blessed. Your friend, Wilma

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooooo much for taking the time to share your family and the love that you spread. I have such a fear that I see myself in you. My reactions to the sounds would have been the same. I have many medical issues and spend alot of time in the Hospital as well and know the sounds. There are many times that I have just sat and cried because I have reactions from other patients that destroyed me. There are many days that I feel like CJ and understanding the difficulty of accepting the worse. CJ and his family lift me up. Your are a true inspiration and there are many days that I can log on your blog and get lifted for the day. CJ you are amazing, Happy Valentine's Day and keep up the good work in ifting the spirits of all around you. I have when I grow up I am half the person you are.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 34 1-2 4I will extol the LORD at all times, his praise will always be on my lips. My soul will boast in the LORD: let the afflicted hear and rejoice.>>>I sought the LORD and he answered me,he delivered me from all my fears.>>>>> C.J. you are the bravest person I know here on this earth. When I am afraid I always think of you and I feel strong. With GODS help we have the strength for what each day brings. He is always walking right by our side, or like you said C.J. he is carrying us. You are all in my thoughts and prayers as I continuely lift you up in prayer to our amazing GOD!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I went to treat myself to a manicure at a place I have been going to for years. Towards the end of the manicure my lady friend said,
"So how is Kevin doing"? I was confused because Kevin had been there the whole time playing and visiting with her. So, I asked her what she meant. She said that my mom had told her about the cancer and she had known for quite some time but was too scared to bring it up. It really hit me. These ladies all thought Kevin had cancer. I explained that it was CJ, my sisters son. But, it really hit me. I tried to place myself in your shoes for a few moments. Your truly are brave. You have shown us that it is about trusting God and knowing that He loves you even in the midst of your biggest fears coming true, as Beth expressed in the last study. I tell people all the time, that you and your family are truly an example of what a trial should look, sound, and feel like. You are honoring God every step of the way even when you do not know where your foot is going to land. Your post was absolutely amazing. Thank you for being so honest. Believe it or not, your honesty helps me be more honest with myself. I rethink my initial thoughts and give them to God who re-filters most of my thoughts or prespectives and then gives it back to me the way He would want me to view things. You have been such an example of "living a Godly life". I thank you for every bit and detail you share with us, as it speaks truth directly to my heart. My prayers are with you, the kids, and Chris. Extra healing prayers for CJ ofcourse.


My sister-in-law Tonya needs prayers. The doctors found cancerous cells in her uterine area. She goes on the 19th to talk to a gyno-oncologist. She has been told that most likely she will need a full historectomy. Please pray that the cancer cells are confined to a small area and that she will be quickly treated and healed. I pray that she and her family will grow even closer to Our Lord and Savior during this time, as she already is a very prayer-full woman. Help her lean directly on the Lord through her trial and no one else.



Tammi said...

Dear Dawn and CJ!
Thank you so much for writing again and being such a powerful and uplifting witness in my life and reminding me of what is important, really important. When I think about that little baby girl I just can't even stand myself. At all. I love you CJ and I love you Dawn and I wish for one second I could have one spec of the bravery that you have.
I love you,
Aunt Tammi

Anonymous said...

CJ and I went to the hospital today and he got his shot. He did really well and we got to spend some time with another family we have really been looking forward to seeing. They have a little 2 year old girl names Leah with Luekemia.

Lately Brett has been praying every night,
"Dear God, please help CJ with his cancer. Please help his cancer to go away and not come back. And God, please help all the little kids at the hospital with cancer to get better and take their medicines. Dear God Amen"
He ends all his prayers with "Dear God Amen" It is precious.
Well I would like to ask that as you pray for CJ that you follow Brett's lead and add a prayer for all the kids with cancer to get better. Dear God Amen!

Anonymous said...

“Be strong and of a good courage,” the Lord commanded Joshua. God wants us to be bold and brave by persevering in living a godly life and not conforming to the ways of this world. More and more we will be having to choose to conform to our culture or to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus. To have unshakeable conviction.
Dawn, I think that describes your life and how you have been sharing so openly with us on this blog. I think one of your previous entries on fear of man vs fear of God describes this also. We all struggle with some degree of pleasing man. Sometimes we have to choose to turn from the temptation of pleasing man, to be brave and stand for what we know is right, come what may. If I perish, I perish. But what is most important when we have an eternal perspective?
The strength and courage God commanded Joshua to have comes from meditating on God's word and then taking the next step to apply it to our lives.
Thank you, Dawn, once again,for being transparent and for sharing with us how God is speaking to your heart. I love this blog!
We love you, George family, and continue to pray for all of you and all the children with cancer.
Dear God, Amen!!

Anonymous said...

Hello CJ,
You really are brave and we see it all the time in you. My family and I are praying for you and want to tell you that you are strong and can endure this. All you need is the help of God. HE is our Coach for life and we just need to listen to His voice.
Thank you for sharing everything with us, Mrs. George.
Noah :)

Anonymous said...

Hello CJ and Dawn,


I have CJ and you always in my thoughts, today for some reason the holy spirit guided me to read your post, it is tremendously amazing what I have to say, on Saturday at my church, the sermon was about Esther too, and how brave she was. It also involved how her uncle was faithful to God even everyone in would vow to the king he wouldn’t because he was faithful to the only God of heavens. I read your post and I feel like crying with the story about the little girl, it connects me to my nephew.

I pray every day for CJ and your family, every prayer even if is to bless the food, I present CJ complete remission to the Lord. Thank you for the update, thank you for sharing your growth in this experience with us. Be brave, God will be with you through out this journey.

With much love,



You are such a handsome and brave boy! Be strong, be brave, God is with you, he will never abandon you, even when you think you cant go anymore further, God is there telling you keep going my son, I am with you. I love you CJ, I can’t wait until God’s complete the work he started in you that is full remission…. I have faith it will be soon….

With Love


Anonymous said...

Dear Dawn and CJ,

What a story! You both are so brave. I am not sure I could be as brave.. in every sense of the word. Like I said once before it always seems to me that you are comforting and encouraging us, instead of the reverse. We continue to keep you all in our prayers and thoughts.


Nicole Ana and Alberto

Break the Mold said...

Hi Martha and friends....

It is neat how God connects the dots like that for us. He is so faithful to use what we are learning in so many ways.

Today, I got to visit briefly someone that works with my husband and I was thanking him for his encouragement and friendship and as I thanked him he said, "Who knows, but that it was for such a time as this!" I about fell over. Those are Mordecia's words to Esther! I have studied and meditated and read those words over and over in the last 6 weeks. And then this man says this to me. And honestly, it was a facet of our trial I had not considered before, but see so clearly now how God has strategically placed certain people in certain positions in order to fulfill His will towards our family (and theirs as well). I have the goosebumps everywhere as I type this. And just imagine...we only see a reflection and know in part...just imagine if we could see fully and know fully all His amazing doings on our behalf. We would be mind blown!
He is so good! I love you Lord. You are my great reward!

Thank you all for encouraging me to be brave! God continues to do so as well. When CJ and I were driving home from the hospital Monday I told him to put on some music and he was shuffling through the songs.. (lots of them) and he guessed it..."Brave" by Nicole Norderman. He had not read the blog yet and did not know it was about bravery. I just started laughing out loud with God and he said, "What's so funny?" I smiled at him and said, "God is"! Here are some of the Lyrics from that song...

So long status quo
I think I just let go
You make me want to be brave
The way it always was
Is no longer good enough
You make me want to be brave
Brave, brave

So I have been belting that song out the past couple days.

Oh and the reason I mentioned the Proverbs 31 woman in the post as being brave has confused some. I would love to share why I said that. It just about makes me want to jump out of my skin and wish I could read Hebrew! I learned it in the Esther Bible study I am taking and it resonated with me deeply! Especially now! In my opinion, treasures like this get hidden amongst the modern translations for far too long.
The famous proverb begins at verse 10 with...."A wife of noble character who can find, she is worth far more than rubies" Many translations use the word 'Virtuous' instead of noble. We have heard it a million times. You know, the most intimidating woman in the Bible, the one we can never seem to relate to no matter how hard we try.

Well....guess what the word used for noble and virtue is in it's original language.......your not going to believe this......are you ready for is Hayil! Isn't that amazing!!!! Doesn't that just make you want to jump and shout and praise God? No, you say.......No??? That is because we can't speak Hebrew! But if we could we would find that 'Hayil' is a MILITARY term that means Valour, Valiant, Strength, Might, Skill, Warrior, and yes it can be translated Virtue as well. It is an army term! Isn't that exciting? It is the exact same word used in Judges 6:12 when the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon and said, "The Lord is with you mighty warrior." or as it says in other translations "Mighty man of Valour" That just sends goosebumps all over again! I'm sorry if I am boring some of you to death, especially those of you who already owned this particular jewel ...but it was new to me and will be added to my treasure chest! But before I place it there, I am just savoring the find and seeing how it's beauty reflects the LIGHT! Riches incomparable my friends!

And yes, for some reason I can relate to the proverbs 31 woman in a whole new way now and I am glad for it! It is like she is somehow clearer to me now, more relatable. Don't get me wrong....I desire to be noble and virtuous as well, and those are character qualities I am constantly working on... but to be a woman of valour and might...that requires me to be brave!

Pray that CJ and I will 'be brave' tomorrow as we go back to the hospital for more shots.
Lord, pour your Spirit out on me and give me the strength and the words to bravely share Your Son, my Savior, with all the lost and hurting around me. Pour your Spirit out on CJ and clothe him with Your strength to endure. May we both be bold witnesses and loving to all those around us. Help me to be others focused and not self focused. Help me to always be Savior focused and not sin focused. As Pastor Al taught us not too long ago and You lovingly reminded me today, help me to be who I am in YOU. Remind me of who You say I am! Teach me to be a woman of valour, worth far more than rubies! In the Holy and matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Break the Mold said...

BTW..I take no credit for that 'find' mentioned above. The Esther Bible study is by Beth Moore and God brought it to her attention first! But I have had a blast researching and confirming her find and making it my own! Thanks Beth Moore and thank you Lord for removing the scales from our eyes and teaching us to truly see! I just got a picture of a connect the dots page that my son Brett loves to do! Those are his favorite schoolwork pages. You know those abc's and 123's connect the dots to make a picture. You know how enough of the picture is already revealed so that you can already make out the picture before you ever start connecting the dots? You already know what it will be, but somehow the picture still comes alive as you pull the pencil from dot to dot. And I love to see Brett's face light up as the picture becomes clearer and clearer even though it is no surprise where it was headed. But somehow the details add a clarity and fullness that you can not have without connecting the dots. God's word is just like that! He has already revealed the picture to us through His son on the cross. And we know where the picture is fulfillment of all things in Christ. But as we connect the dots, it becomes so much more beautiful and meaningful and clear to us! I urge friends to get out your pencil and start connecting the dots! You will not be disappointed!

Okay I will stop now....Goodnight!

Unknown said...


It is exciting to see you get all excited with your new "finds" in the Word. It confirms what I asked you about the fact that unexpected afflications actually clear up some of the mysteries of the word and opens up greater knowledge of Him in every place. So, I guess if you weren't going through this trial you might not have found this one. God still gives you reasons to get excited and joyful and reveals to you with clarity the words you have read many times and contemplated many times before. He connects the dots for you and watches the joy on your face like you watch Brett.

Love Mom

Tammi said...

You are awesome! I can practically hear you talking really excitedly through the screen! You are so pumped up and I love you for it!
Go Brave Woman!! Go!!
Love You,
Your Big Sister.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,I woke up this morning wanting to read about you and your family. Thank you for sharing your spiritual insights, they are wonderful and inspiring. I believe that you can rest assure that because of your faith in God and your willingness to be used by Him, no matter what, He is using you to love others as He has loved us. I will continue to pray along with your prayer that you may continue to have the spirit of "valour and might." "Praise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles; so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Psalm 89:15-17
Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,who walk in the light of you presence O LORD. They rejoice in your name all day long, they exult in your righteousness, For you are their glory and strength, and by your favor you exalt our horn.>>>>>>>>>> Just another one of GODS love letters to you GEORGE family. May the the Lord bless you today with his strength, mercy and all of his love. Today is THE day he has made for us and we all WILL be glad in it, and TRUST him for all things. You are all lifted in prayer to our loving and caring Father.

Anonymous said...

Hi George Family, I am so happy to hear all is well. I praise the Lord for Cj being so brave. I too struggle with this issue. I often look into your lives and realize what being brave is all about. Being strong for one another is an act bravery. Here is what a dictionary says:
brav•er , brav•est
Possessing or displaying courage; valiant.
Making a fine display; impressive or showy:

Whether you realize it or not Dawn you and your family are brave. The Lord shows his love and mercy through you guys all the time. Including your bravery.
By the way remember in Maureen's back yard, I shared a story with you about a little girl that had cancer. A story that I follow in the web site "Care Pages". Well that story is of that little girl. "Princess Amanda"-as her parents refer to her. Same little girl you met.I freaked out when I read your story. Man this world is smaller than we think. The Lord has divine appointments. If I ever wanted you to meet someone it would be Melissa. She has encouraged me a lot. In more ways than she will ever realize. The Lord has used her family to touch my heart as well as your family. Once again George family thanks for sharing.
God Bless you all,

Break the Mold said...

Hi Ily,

I would love to say I can't believe that but at this point nothing really surprises me anymore. I just read her care pages today for the first time and left a comment for her mom Melissa today. I am always amazed at what a small world this is that we live in.
I can see why you are encouraged by her she is an amazing woman and has been through so much in her daughters short life. Not to mention her own young life. She is only 27! I can't even imagine having gone through this when I was 27. I would not have been prepared. Her story really makes me see how fortunate and blessed we have been throughout CJ's treatments. After meeting her and hearing their story I realized I need to focus on how well CJ is doing and focus on all the good moments in the day not the bad.
I will have her on my mind tomorrow when I go spend the day at the hospital with CJ. As I gain strength from the prayers you all offer up for CJ, I feel somehow freed up to pray for the other children there knowing you all have him covered.
Thank you for your prayers. Thanks for letting me know you knew princess Amanda. Talk to you soon.

Sonia said...

Dear Dawn is extraordinary the way you find to associate messages from your experience and find the words of God in events that could be insignificant for many people, but you are so aware, so perceptual with the events and feelings that it makes you get to very important conclusions that give significance to the whole experience and suffering all of you are going through.
Just when we got home I found in may mail "The voice of truth" posted 06 feb. 2009 there I wrote directly to CJ because I was so positive impressed from him, because I really found him brave and full of love and courage, but seems that the message never got there because the post is empty so I want to repeat it for him:

"My Dear CJ: This time I want to write to you directly because Andrea and I were really happy of seeing you and spending that wonderful dinner with you and your family. You are doing a great job, an incredible effort to get over any weakness and God and the support of your family and friends are helping you a lot. You are surrounded of love and tenderness because in the inside is what you have and reflex. Thank you for wanting to be with us, I’m so glad and Andrea too. Say to your family thank you too, for allow it, give a kiss from us to every one specially for Ali. We are always praying for you to keep your strength and courage. The pictures are cool I’m proud they are in the blog. Hope to see you soon again and spend another beautiful evening with you, all the George family and your loving Grandma Paula.
Lots of love
Sonia and Andrea
PD. Alejandra and Antonio really wanted to be there."

I looked in the google the translation for BRIO and the words are: verve, dash, zest, mettle, spirit, pride, fight.
That is all you are and there was the message.
Lots of love,
Sonia, Andrea, Antonio and Ale.