Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Locks of Love

You know from previous posts and pictures that many of the 'guys' have shaved their heads at one time or another in support of CJ. Well, it is the girls turn now! They did not shave their heads, but instead, waited to be able to give a lasting gift with their beautiful locks!

CJ's sister Ailbrandi and our good friend Andrea Chisholm cut and donated their hair to Locks of Love in honor of CJ and in support of children with childhood diseases that cause hair loss. They have been planning this for a while, and the time (or should I say the 'length') finally came. Ten inches that is!

It was special watching these two young girls do something so selfless in support of other kids who are struggling with hair loss. If you are not a girl you may not quite understand how difficult it can be to part with your hair willingly. As difficult as it is, I can only imagine how hard it is to part with it unwillingly due to illness. I have watched CJ struggle through this firsthand and if it is this difficult for a 9 year old boy who can throw on a hat anytime I can not imagine how difficult it is for a young girl especially when some never have the hope of it growing back like CJ does.

Here are some pictures of the girls making the final cut! We are so proud of you!




If you are interested in donating your hair to locks of love visit www.locksoflove.org for details. Our favorite journalist Jim Robinson who did the piece on CJ back in December for Channel 4 news did a short piece on Locks of Love the very next day after the girls cut their hair. Here is a link to his story http://cbs4.com/video/?cid=2450 . While you are there check out his blog. He posted an update on CJ. Leave him a comment and let him know you appreciate the update! Here is the link http://pod08.prospero.com/n/blogsblog.aspx?webtag=WFOR_JROBINSON
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Wendy Whitlow said...

Way to go Aibrandi and Andrea!!! Thanks for sharing Dawn. I've tried a few times to get a hold of Jackie. But I will post my info here.
Please let me know...and I'd love to take off a day and meet up at Jack's place. I'm gonna hold you to it. :)

I have gone back and forth about She Speaks. Maybe I'll skip this year and we can talk about planning a trip next year when things are a little more settled for you. It will be a nice reward for yourself.
I'm not sure what's up with my email...but here it is.


Anonymous said...

Girls that is awesome. I am sure your hair will make a little girl somewhere very happy. I remember the first time Ashley did this it was very emotional for her as well as for me. I thought she would never do this again but to my surprise she did it again a few years later. Now I see the extent of the happiness it will bring to a child. Knowing how Cj being a boy feels about his hair loss. Like Dawn said girls are very attached to their hair. Once again GIRLS you are AWESOME for doing this. God bless you and who ever gets your hair.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your new hair cute is really pretty, and it actually makes you look older (I'm sorry mom and dad - heehee). I am so proud of you for doing that for another person who is going through what you've seen your brother go through. May God bless you for your generosity!! We love you! Aunt Karen

the Grays said...

Wow, to give of yourself (literally) to ease the suffering of someone you'll never meet on this side of heaven is truly a selfless act. I am so proud of the girls for doing this! May the Lord bless you richly for giving so generously to others. Way to go!

Anonymous said...


I am so proud of you and Andrea! You girls are a true inspiration to me in so many ways. Every time I vist you or Alexa's house. You and Andrea always come up to me and ask if I need any help unloading. And when I leave, you girls always ask if I need any help loading up the kids or my bags. That is how I want my boys to be when they are older! You girls are so thoughtful and respectful! I love you girls and thank you for being such a positive influence in my family's lives. You know Kevin is CRAZY about you and Andrea!

I see Wendy posted. You guys can use my house as a meeting ground any time you want!

I am going to go get my hair cut there and have you send my hair to locks of love too! Let's set a date!


Aunt Jackies a.k.a. Jacks

CeCe said...

Go Allie and Andrea!


Janet said...

Ali and Andrea, this was a wonderful selfless act of love. You both look beautiful. I love your new hairstyles. I remember, too, when Amber did this a couple of years ago. It was very difficult for me to agree to let her cut her hair...but only because it was for a good cause, I agreed.
God is so pleased with you both, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Andrea and Alibrandi,
What a wonderful gift you girls have made. I can understand how challenging it is to give up "long" beautiful hair, however you ladies did it. Congratulations! You both look beautiful before and after.