Thursday, July 16, 2009

CJ with the DJ's
I know this is extremely short notice...but CJ will be interviewed live on 99.9 KISS FM for their Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Radio-athon Fundraiser tomorrow, Thursday, at 11am or shortly thereafter. Tune in anytime all day Thursday or Friday to hear testimonies of other Joe DiMaggio families or to support the fundraiser.

Update: CJ did great. Thank you to all the staff at Joe DiMaggio and Kiss FM for helping it run smoothly for us. I will post a sound bite here as soon as I receive it from the station. I can't believe all the amazing testimonies and stories they are sharing.


Kevin Abegg said...

Great job CJ and Dawn! Thanks for letting me know. I was able to listen to you online and I was sitting at my desk and people kept comming by asking why my eyes were watering. May your efforts be blessed and may others be served both physically and eternally by your faithfulness. God bless!

Unknown said...

Dawn and CJ

Both of you did a great job. I'm sure it helped to raise money and awareness for the hospital. Maybe some people that were rushing around in their cars or frustrated at home listening to the country music stopped and heard CJ's voice and changed around their entire day. Maybe things looked a lot better and less important. Maybe they sent up some silent prayers for these children or their families. Or maybe they were like the woman that called in and complained about hearing the Moms and the kids and just wondered why the station didn't just play music. I wish they would have put that lady on. I wish they would have recorded her request with her name and telephone number. I suppose no one in her family has even been sick. Probably if they would have recorded her they would have received a bunch of donations too! People just grateful they aren't so heartless.
Good job to you two and to the station and the two guys that put their heart into this awareness and to the volunteers on the phones and all the Moms and children like CJ that had to make an extra trip there today to help with the drive. In CJ's case he is going back tomorrow for more tests and spinals but he made the trip and I know he helped today.

Grandma Paula

Anonymous said...

Dear Dawn,

I wish I could have heard the radio and CJ. I am glad it went well. Your earlier post is so moving. How special that CJ and ALL of you can share some time with someone who is at the end of their treatmen, especially after the recent events.
As always we keep you all in our thoughts and prayers

Anonymous said...

Great Job CJ! You little 'red neck'! You and Dawn are really something special...Keep up the Good News!

CeCe said...

Go CJ! You are like famous! lol!