Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poppa Jerry's Birthday

Poppa Jerry's Birthday Cake at the cemetery...



Janet said...

He was very dear to us. He was so much fun to be with and such a sweet grandpa. We feel blessed to have known him and will miss him...our kids will especially miss him!!
Happy Birthday Poppa Jerry. I know you are dancing in the presence of our heavenly Father....without need of a cane. ;-)
janet s

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dawn for sending this photos. You are so creative.

Anonymous said...

To my beloved Dawnie, Jackie, Tammi JO and all their little ones. The saddness that I feel when I see the children having birthday cake at Poppa Jerry's grave is overwhelming. During this time, I can only say, as Dawnie did, that the anger, blame, confusion, sadness and grief emotions all take hold and no one really knows where to go with these feelings. Especially his three daughters. My heart goes out to you and sadness reigns thinking how much we all have to live for and yet those lives were cut short senselessly by once senseless act, hence the anger and unanswered questions. I've know Poppa Jerry since I was litte and I'm really old now...we had our ups and downs but with millions of laughs and the nuttiest things that a family could do with each other. I wish for everyone's sake, especially yours that he would have chosen a different more productive path to resolve all his conflicts. He was the one who could always bring light and laughter to any situation. I see your struggles for CJ and all the other little ones battling Cancer and wonder what could have possessed your Dad during those last hours, other than the Devil. He momentarily lost sight of the Lord. We have no answers at the moment, only anger, blame, confusion, sadness and grief. Only God knows why this happened and hopefully he will bestow upon you some peace to go forward. Each day is his blessing to you greedily take it. It's not going to ever be right now we'll give into sad and try a newer, better, stronger emotion tomorrow. I hope that you find comfort in all the things your Dad and Poppa gave to you while he was here.
Love you lots and lots,
Aunt Penny

noah said...

Poppa Jerry was so kind. All of us kids adored him. He was like a grandpa to all of us. He was so fun to be around. We will miss him. Happy Birthday, Poppa Jerry!