Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweeet Dreams

Sweet Dreams CJ!

CJ's counts are up! Praise God!

We went in this morning for counts and CJ looked over at me as we were walking in and said, "Mom, I am just going to expect them to be low again so that I won't be disappointed if we still can't go on the cruise." Secretly, I was doing the same thing but I let him think it was all his idea! I was praying for high counts and the doctors to release us to be able to take this amazing trip that the Lord and His people have blessed us with, but I was also praying that I would be able to joyfully submit to whatever His will may be.

We left the doctors office with the great news that CJ's counts were up so we will be resuming his daily chemotherapy and we are able to take the cruise! The doctors gave us the okay with a reminder to take extra precautions, high counts or not. We leave tomorrow (Weds) for five days. Please pray for us, especially for Chris. Taking CJ into situations like this is very difficult for us even under the best circumstances. (Not that we have seen those in a while.) But even with high counts....'reality' of our situation is always with us. However, it is that same 'reality' that drives us to take these opportunities and make the memories for our family.

This week was a difficult week for our family with CJ's counts down. It always creates a tension and uneasy feeling that is difficult to describe so I am not going to even try right now. Allie and CJ both got coughs that were incessant and nerve-racking with his counts so low. Poppa Enzo had surgery to remove his infected port and we received the news of the loss of another child with cancer. Then to top off the emotions, CJ woke up one morning and came to sit with me as I was reading. He was up early and was quietly cuddled up next to me as I read. Suddenly, he spoke quietly, "Mom, I had a dream I was dying from the cancer. It was very real and you and dad were there. I asked you if I was dying and you said, 'that is always the question'. " I nearly froze because he has not had this happen before and he did not know about the other kids we had learned about passing. It was heartbreaking to sit and listen to him describe the details of this dream.

I share this with you to share his heart and his fears and his dreams. Pray for this sweet boy who should not be dreaming about dying of cancer but about whatever it is ten year old boys dream about....fighting battles...winning wars....amazing feats.....Okay Okay, so maybe he is dreaming about what ten year old boys dream about, only in a different way. Sweet dreams my sweet child!

I will keep this short and close with a challenge (to myself mostly) but a challenge none the less.

Today, the home health nurse came to my step-fathers home to clean and re-pack his wound. After spending time taking great care to clean the wound properly, he finished his work, put his things away, looked at my dad and said, "Now that that's done, lets get to the most important part....I suppose you are not wearing that cross around your neck to hang yourself with so let's talk about Jesus." He then proceeded to share "the most important" part with my dad for the next 15 minutes. He told him it was not about the health of his body but the health of his soul. He told him it didn't matter the length of life but the depth of life and where he spent eternity. He shared Jesus plainly, openly, loving and directly with a man he has never met before and may never meet again.

I was so affected when I heard that today. I pray it deeply affects you too. Don't take it lightly. Consider it. Oh God, make me more like that man. Help me to focus on and openly share the "most important thing."

Bon Voyage!
Thank you for your continued prayers!


shawn said...

Praise God!

Know that we are praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

So happy to hear that CJ's counts are up! Enjoy the cruise and the time "away". You are all in our hearts and prayers

Nicole, Ana Alberto

Janet said...

Hi, George family. Bon Voyage to you! Right now you are sailing away on a beautiful ship. I am so happy for you. I pray you have a safe, healthy trip filled with wonderful memories that last a lifetime.
Wow, that nurse was bold. I pray I can be that bold when God asks me to be.
Praying for you all!
the Sedano

Janet said...

OH, and Allie, I talked to you today and though we talked about your birthday present, I didn't wish you "Happy Birthday" (for tomorrow)! UGH! I realized after you hung up. So we'll all sing happy birthday to you when you get home. It's a Sedano tradition, you know. :-)
Janet S.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you and your family are able to enjoy some well deserved vacation....have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Chris and Dawn, You'll have so much fun on the cruise - you're gonna enjoy the pampering after working so hard for your family and others! I'm sooo glad you're going, and we thank the generous family who gave this to you - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and bon voyage!! Love, Aunt Karen and Uncle Terry

Unknown said...

I know you guys will have an amazing trip. You already had your first night at sea! Hope you got you sea legs by now! I hope you do all the great stuff on the itenery, I know Dawn will be on top of that! Have a blast.

Happy Birthday ALLIE, my sweet, sweet niece! You are one of the most amazing treasures God has blessed our family with! When I was looking for a card for your b-day, I kept picking up the "5 year old cards" and little "3 year old Hello kitty cards" and literally teared up...My little niece is not so little any more. You were the cutest little girl in the world and you have grown to be such a beautiful woman from the inside out! You are an inspiration to me. God has blessed your mom and dad and brothers in so many ways by giving them you. I don't think your mom could survive everything she has been through without you. I think God gave her an amazing gift that keeps her afloat when he blessed her with you. I think you are a rock for your mom and dad a lot of times and your brothers too! Sometimes birthdays are just another fun day for people to give you gifts and have fun. But, today I am truly taking time to be greatful for the joy, happiness, beauty, balance, and love that God has blessed us with through you. God has used you to change so many lives you have no idea! I believe that God used you for your mother's salvation as well! You know that Godly, Jesus surrounded, every breath and thought person that tries to hold herself captive to HIM. You had a lot to do with that woman becoming who she is. So don't ever forget that your purpose here is definitely God breathed. Don't stray. Remember every decision, big or small has a consequence. Well I quess our family has done a good job of teaching you that lesson. You have definitely been exposed to more then most people twice or three times your age. I love you.

Happy Happy Birthday
Aunt Jackie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful and then heart-breaking moments. It encourages me to look to where our hope is ~ OUR HOPE IS IN JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED. Again, thanks. Our hearts, love and prayers are with you and your family. Jehovah Jireh - the Provider. "I am the Lord Who healeth the." What a promise. I have to get my book out to look up the Jehovah names and the promises that come with them but I know He heals and He provides. Be blessed and keep up the good fight. God is Good ~ all the time, all by Himself.
Love and Prayers,
Miss Mary

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! God is good. We hope that you all are having an amazing trip. You deserve this time to enjoy one another and celebrate what the Lord has done.

We love and miss you all very much!

Cara (Shawn & Josiah)

Sonia said...

Hi George family, We wish you to have the more wonderful cruise. We did one last December and we think it was the most beautiful trip we ever had.
CJ´s dream is important because he is processing every thing is happening to him, and I think is a philosophical way to understand life. Once you are alive you are always dying even if you don´t have to fight so hard for it.
I´m happy that Enzo found that guy who is giving support and hope for him.
We are praying for all of you.
I´m sure that Ali es going to have the most wonderful birthday at the cruise.
Sonia,Antonio,Ale and Andrea.

Cory Mulligan said...

Thats Great!
Hope you all have an amazing trip. You will all be in my prayers. Tell everyone I said hello!
Love Cory

Anonymous said...

Alright CJ ! I'm very happy to hear your counts are up. Our prayers keep coming to you and Enzo. Take care! Unverzagts

Anonymous said...

So thrilled you got to go on the cruise and that CJs counts have risen. May the Lord give you much rest and joy.

Anonymous said... is amazing how my little niece can take me out of my own problems and return me to the things that are so important in life. I love you and yours....
Aunt Penny

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that your stories inspire me sooo much! I'm 10 years old and I ready you're stories EVERYDAY! My grandfather (which was like my dad) had cancer last year and died. He had been in ''remission'' for 2 years. He said that God had healed him though. Then one night he had a really bad temp. and we took him to the hospital. We all really miss him but we know that he's in heaven with God. I pray for ya'll every single day! NEVER loose hope!
Your friend in Christ,