Thursday, April 22, 2010


Quick Update and Prayer Requests:

CJ has chemo tomorrow. He does not like thinking about this ahead of time and I have noticed he seems to get very distracted when he does. I will ask him to do simple things like put on his shoes and he just stares at me, so I ask again. No response. A little louder. Still no response. When I finally get frustrated and ask what is wrong with him and why he is not listening, he responds with something like, "I don't want to go to my appointment Friday." To which I, of course answer, "What does that have to do with putting on your shoes?" I am so sympathetic and supportive aren't I?

Actually, he is doing quite well with his chemotherapy overall. Five more months to go! We have so many families that are finishing their treatments and are getting their port out. It is nice for CJ to see that because it keeps him looking ahead to this all be over and life to resume without the constant interference and frustration of chemo appointments.

As I have confessed before, I am ambivalent about the end of treatment and what that will be like after two years of this. It is not that I am dependent upon the medications for his healing because I have known all along his healing is in God's Sovereign hands. I realize the medications are simply a tool that the Lord is using in his healing, however it is still a strange emotion.

CJ got to spend some time with one such friend who finished treatment. His name is Sam and he lives in Gainesville. Sam not only finished treatment but also got his port out. It was great for CJ to see him doing so well. Sam was diagnosed after CJ and had to undergo an amputation of his leg in his battle against this disease, so I know it confused CJ how Sam could be done with treatment before him. I have explained to him that each type of cancer has different protocols, outcomes, and lengths of treatments. It really was great to see them together. Thank you Blakemore family for taking our kids in at the very last minute while we were there. What a blessing to have friends like you!

Even in our excitement about nearing the end of treatment, we are acutely aware that others are just beginning. There are so many new diagnosis and we recently heard about a little girl named Susanna who is only four. She was with her family on a missions trip in Haiti when she became sick. After realizing this was more than the common flu they flew to Miami to seek further medical attention. Upon further evaluations and scans, it was discovered that little Susanna has tumors throughout her body. Please pray for this little girl. Her familiy has a blog where they will post updates at This little girl is heavy on our hearts and minds and we know you will pray for these kids faithfully.

I have two other young children who can use some prayer. Some of you already know, but our three year old niece and seven year old nephew are now living with us as of this week. That is why we were in Gainesville. We drove up to go to court to be named their temporary guardians until some things can be sorted out that their parents are going through.

Although Chris and I are sure that this is what the Lord would have us do for these kids, there is a lot of adjustment and changes when you go from four kids to six kids overnight. Many of those hardships we expect but one unexpected reaction I have been having has to do with my dad. My niece's name is Jerri. She was named after my father Jerry who recently passed away. This has actually been a little difficult for me hearing and speaking his name all day. On the lighter, but still unexpected side, today my little son Corey, who is two years old, decided to call me Aunt Dawn since that is what he hears the other kids calling me. That was surely a surprise. Ha!

On a serious note, we would just ask that God would bless this time they are with us. That He would allow us to make the most of this opportunity with these kids. They have been through a lot in their young lives and we want to be able to pour Gods love and grace into them.

Please pray for for wisdom as we continue to do our best to protect CJ as he completes his treatments even as we bring two more kids into the home. We will have to place my nephew in school to complete the school year. Since we have always homeschooled our children that is new waters we will be navigating and we are aware that is also a lot more germs coming into the home.

Thank you to all who continue to lift CJ up in prayer before the throne of Grace. God hears. God responds. God is faithful. In these past few weeks as we have watched much suffering from Poppa Enzo to small children living and dying with cancer and broken homes and lives. We have been reminded that God does not view suffering the way we do. He cares and I believe no tear shed goes unnoticed, but He has already conquered this world. He sees it all in from the end in light of eternity. We view it through the present time in light of this life and the little we know. Totally different. view points. Suffering does not weaken Him, His power or His resolve. It does not make Him question the universe as we do. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He is on the throne at the right hand of the Father.

~Keep praying~

After chemo today, CJ will walk as a survivor in the Relay for Life. But he will also walk in honor of his poppa Enzo who is in the thick of the battle as well as all the kids we lost this year to this disease. Most especially, he will walk in thanksgiving and honor of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ who has sustained him unto this day. Thank you Lord! We love you.


Anonymous said...

Dawn, my thought and prayers are with you. I am confident God will give you the strength and wisdom to help your nephews and Poppa Enzo. You and your family are an incredible blessing to so many.

Unknown said...

Amen! I absoulutely agree! The Lord is Almighty and all knowing of the beginingin, middle, and end. He has already won for us. He does not live in the moment as we tend to but, is loving enough to comfort us in those moments and guide us. CJ is so brave and strong. You are acting as the hands and feet of Jesus right now by what you are doing for Travis and Jerry..this is true chrisitianity..I love you guys so much and am with you every step of this journey. See you later.


Martha Rivero said...

Hi Dawn,

Just passing by to let you know that I am so happy to read that CJ is doing so gooddd, that is really a good thing.....We always pray for him, the family and your ministry. God bless you always.

With Love,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

So sorry to hear about Travis and Jerry but we are very happy that they are with you. ALberto said it was so nice to see everybody. Wish Ana and I could have gone also! Lots of Love

Nicole Ana Alberto

shawn said...

Thank you for the update on CJ and Enzo. It is great to hear about Bella and Mackenzie also. We are rejoicing with you. We will continue to pray for the families of Carina, Ellie, and Gaitlin.