Friday, May 14, 2010

"I'm Okay With It" and PLEASE VOTE!!!!!!

CJ approached me a couple nights ago and said in a serious voice, "Mom, I need to tell you something, and I don't want you to be upset because I have thought about it and I am okay with it." I could not imagine what he was about to tell me, but he proceeded with, "I think my hair is falling out again."

That was not what I expected, but it was very cute. I told him I was okay with it too and actually miss his cute bald head sometimes. He told me there was a lot of hair in the bathtub and showed me how his hair was coming off in his hands.

This wasn't a complete surprise because we knew that it was possible for this to happen. We know of a few children who lost their hair towards the end of treatment for no apparent reason. It is not like there was an adjustment or increase in meds, but somehow it still all fell out again. I explained to him that if it did, it would grow back again just like it did last time.

Later that night, I realized that he had been wearing a batting helmet because his friend Adam took him to the batting cages to hit for a while. So I encouraged him that maybe it is not falling out after all and it is just from wearing the batting helmet. Whichever it is, CJ has assured me he is "okay with it." This attitude really demonstrates the growth he has had in this hole process of battling cancer. He has come so far and gained so much strength.

On that note, I have to share with you that CJ's secret to his strength in overcoming fear in battling cancer was entered into a contest and we just found out that he has been selected as one of three finalists!!!! However, the first place winner will be chosen by YOU! From May 17th to May 30th voting will be open to the public at The contestant with the most votes at the end will win. You can vote for him once EVERYDAY and we need all the votes we can get so we are asking you to please do this for him and to please share this with family and friends so they will vote for CJ!

I can share with you that CJ is super excited about this contest. He really wants to win and that can only happen if you help him do it. So PLEASE go to for just a minute everyday from Monday, May 17th to the following Sunday, May 30th. Leave it open on your browser so you won't forget or put a sticky on your computer to help you remember!

I know there are many readers out there so if you could please drop a comment and let us know you will vote and keep voting we would really appreciate it.

CJ is preparing an email that he wants to send out from him personally so if you would like to be included in that email can you please leave your email address in the comment and we will add it to his email when it goes out.

THANK YOU in advance for your votes and also for your prayers.

***CJ has chemo, intrathecal, and a spinal tap on Friday May 21st. Please don't forget to pray for him.******


Anonymous said...

We will vote for you CJ Take care Bud! Lonny , Sonya & Levi Unverzagt &

Anonymous said...

CJ you have a daily vote from the Cardenas Family. My email address is I know you will win. You are amazing and have touched our hearts in so many ways. Good luck and God Bless

Amber said...

Well, I know you have my email already, but I just wanted to say that I am always praying for you guys and read every post (even though i don't comment as much I guess I should...). I also wanted to say thanks to you guys so much for your friendship. It has done more for me than you can ever imagine... xp luv ya and I will be praying and voting for you ceej!! XD

Unknown said...

CJ, We will be voting everyday!! Keeping you covered in prayer!

God bless you,
The Helton Family in MD

Janet said...

CJ, I'm praying for you! Include me in that email of yours so I can forward it to everyone in my address book to vote for you.
Janet S

Sue said...

You've got our vote CJ and I'll post it every day on Kenzie's CB to remind everyone who follows to vote for you too! You have done soooo much for childhood cancer and for so many families as they struggle through this. You are an amazing example to many people and I know that you are touching many lives. You're one incredible kid CJ and I'm proud to have met you!


Anonymous said...

You have our vote C.J. because we feel you deserve it, you are so thoughtful of others!

Break the Mold said...

Thank you so much for all your votes and prayers. Remember to vote every day and to tell anyone you think will vote for me.


Nan Jones said...

Just voted!! congrats on being a finalist. I can't wait to get a personal email from you,CJ. You and your family are amazing people. My email is

Keeping you in my prayers,
Nan Jones

Anonymous said...

WOW CJ !!!! We just voted for you and will continue to do so everyday!

Lots of love
Nicole Ana Alberto

Billy Long said...

I am back home in the Carolinas now. I'll miss the George family. I have voted, and will continue to do so.
Blessings on you all,

Anonymous said...

You and your whole family continues to amaze me every single day. May God Bless you. Thinking and praying for you always.

mattie said...

Still thinking about you guys and praying for you all. We voted! Love and blessings, Mattie and Hugh and Caedmon and Gwyneth

susan said...

Hi CJ! I just voted for you here in Massachusetts. I am Derek's Mom (he is a good friend of your Uncle Shawn) My husband and I pray for you during our devotions and you have been on our church prayer list for over a year. (Bible Baptist Church of Nashua, NH) I will email Derek's sister in Ohio and ask her to vote for you, too. You are a brave young man with a caring heart and I hope you win!

Anonymous said...

You're an amazing kid, CJ. Voting and praying for you! Lea

Ily Figueroa (Heartsyearbook) said...

Hi guys...I have been voting and sending out daily remindes to friends to is my email so I can get Cj's

Looking forward to Gods victory......
many blessings,

Unknown said...


Just wanted to let you know that I have a few trainers from the gym voting for you and they even posted it on their face book status, and there pretty popular with the "girls" so all their friends are voting because they put it as their face book status.. And they said their coming to you concert event!!!I also have the ladies that watch Kyle in the gym voting!!


Aunt Jackie

Janet said...

Voting for you daily, CJ, with all our email addresses. :-)
We'll be praying for you to have a smooth procedure at the hospital tomorrow.
the Sedanos

Sonia said...

Hi,we all are voting and praying for CJ every day. So we hope that he could win. Our emails are:
Lots of love

Sonia said...

Corrosion: Andrea´s mail is: