Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sorry we have taken so long to post an update. Thank you to all who have sent emails or called to ask how CJ is doing. CJ had his counts done last Friday and they were back up due to time off chemo and a regimen of steroids. They resumed his chemotherapy and he is slowly getting back up to 100% dosage depending on how his counts respond. So far, other than some nausea that he has been able to control, he is responding well to being back on all the medications. Some days, as I look at all the doses and the amount of empty pill bottles he has consumed, I just imagine what all that is doing to his system and all the effects it can have on him, yet I know we must stay the course and finish walking through this trial and continue to trust God for healing.

Physically, CJ is getting stronger and trying hard to build back up his energy. He still tires easily some days but tries so hard to keep physical even in this heat and build back up his strength. Emotionally, he is dealing with the loss of more cancer kids he has come to care about even if from afar. Many of you who follow this blog have never met us, yet if CJ passed away you would feel the loss as if it were your own family because of how the blog has allowed us to connect and share our deepest struggles, unspoken fears, and humbling victories. CJ has become part of your family too.

We have also experienced that with the kids we get close to through our site and other sites. We get intimately involved in their battle so we feel it deeply when they pass away. With each death of one of these precious kids, we are reminded that CJ is facing the leading disease killer of children and second overall cause of death in children. It is humbling and I would not be the first parent to question why my child is doing well and these other children are dying. There really is no rhyme or reason to this disease from a human perspective.

We have miracles walking around like Bella in Miami who was told she would not only likely die, but definitely never walk again. We have miracles like Mackenzie who was told to go home and enjoy what little time was left and she is still here with the tumors reducing in size. Then we have children that appear to be doing great in their treatments like beautiful Carina, who had the same cancer as CJ, was in maintenance and had a sudden relapse and passed away before doctors could even formulate a plan. No rhyme or reason from our perspective.

This week CJ was really sad when Ellie Potvin passed away. She is a beautiful twin to Grace. Her names means 'light' and she was exactly that while she was here. If I live a hundred years I could only hope to impact as many people for Christ as Ellie did in 8 short years.

Each time I have to face one of these children dying, I learn something new. I discovered recently that I don't like the word "survivor" for cancer patients that are alive. Survivor implies that those who passed away did not 'survive' cancer. But I beg to differ! Sweet Ellie Potvin is a survivor....not here on earth, but permanently in Heaven. She has survived not only cancer but even more importantly, she has survived death because Jesus conquered death on the cross and tasted death for us so that we would not have to. Ellie trusted Jesus for her survival right up until her final breath and He did not let her down. At 8 years old, Ellie lay dying, unable to even speak clearly, yet she motioned for something on the table near her mother. When her mom handed her the anointing oil to see if it was what she wanted, Ellie reached out and anointed her mother's forehead whispering, "Mommy, it is okay. I am okay" How can you not call that a survivor?

Carina is a Survivor! Surviving in victory Heaven with her Savior that she entrusted her life to. Gaitlin is a Survivor! He believed Jesus for his healing and Jesus granted it by taking him home. Remember, Jesus will either save you from the trial or through the trial. One takes place on earth as He delivers you from the trial and one takes place in Heaven as He delivers you through the trial straight into His presence. Either way it still equals survival! I hope you have that kind of survival to look forward to.

Regardless of the method of survival, we know as a family we must continue to fight this disease and do all we can to raise awareness, support, and research for CJ and these families while still trusting God with the results from His perspective.

We did just that at the Childhood Cancer Benefit Concert held last week. It was just beautiful! Our family was so honored to be a part of this event. My friend Kristi Huddleston of Music4Miracles did a great job with everything. CJ was able to be there even though his counts were low at the time.

We want to say a HUGE thank you to Kristi and M4M for all you did for our family and all the families that attended this event. What a blessing. If you did not get to attend the concert we just found out that you will soon be able to purchase the video of the entire concert and all the money raised through the sale of the videos will still benefit childhood cancer. So even if you could not attend the night of the event you can still see the concert and help. That's awesome! I will keep you posted about those details as they come about.

Even better, you can now purchase the single of the childhood cancer song, "Already an Angel" which was debuted at the concert. This song was written by Kristi Huddleston when CJ was first diagnosed and developed into this beautiful concert to raise awareness for all children battling this disease.

You can purchase the single of "Already an Angel" for $10.00 for yourself or to be donated in your family's name to a family with a child battling cancer! We will hand deliver these so families can have this beautiful song. Please help us make it possible to give all these kids a CD! To order CD's for yourself or a CBC child, just send a quick email to and let me know how many you want.

On another note, this week we got what we consider some 'good news' in regards to CJ's Poppa Enzo and his cancer battle. ( I gotta tell you that that stuff is hard to come by in my family lately so we will take any good news we can get!) After a hard week with appointments everyday, he had full sets of scans taken. He was trying to prepare himself for the worst possible news by telling everyone all week that he was going to see the doctor to get his "death sentence". It was really hard for my mom to hear him talk like this yet she knew this was his only way to prepare himself for the worst possible outcome of his scans. However, the scan reports came back with "significant improvement overall". It was actually a bit of a shock with all the setbacks he has had. Enzo cried for joy. He is not cured by any means and it doesn't change the fact that he has an incurable cancer, but it means he has more 'time'. He is now re-motivated to fight through this which is a good thing because the chemo will now be extended. He had a full chemo Friday and went home to be sick, weak, and throw up for the remainder of the weekend. But he is happy to be alive and we are happy with that bit of good news.

Okay! Okay! God just corrected me as I was sitting her typing. He does that a lot! You can not imagine the things He makes me delete from here. Instead of hitting the delete button this time, I will just tell you that as I typed the above comment about good news being hard to come by in my family, He lovingly reminded me that I live in the reality of the best "GOOD NEWS" every single day! "We tell you the good news: What God promised our fathers he has fulfilled for us, their children, by raising up Jesus." I am blessed beyond measure that He has allowed be to live in the reality of that good news every day no matter what bad news I have to experience in this life.

Thank you for checking in on us and sticking by us through the good days an the bad. Please continue to pray for CJ and all these kids and their families. Our hearts are heavy for the families that are coping with the loss of their beautiful children. Pray for CJ to continue to heal physically and be strengthened spiritually. We pray that we will learn to trust God's perfect perspective over our own.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

CJ still has low blood counts. We went in for chemotherapy today and he was able to get his Vincristine push through his port. We started him on a regimen of steroids but they are still holding all other chemo medications he usually takes daily at home until he rebounds a little more. The Vincristine will probably lower them a bit more and the steroids will help boost them. It really is a wicked cycle.

He was not looking forward to chemo (not as if I expect him to be) but some days are better than others. I can always see the struggle creep in the night before and work its way to the morning. He gets frustrated. If dad and I discuss times or how we are going to plan for the day he gets aggravated. I wish you could see the dynamics involved in the home of a family dealing with this. I am sure all families handle it differently but I would think overall we all try the same tactics at different times. We have had to be firm with CJ, we have had to be very gentle, we have had to be serious and put the facts on the table. We have had to just be patient and pray. We have done it all. The newest one is humor. When CJ gets frustrated,Chris (CJ's dad) uses humor to distract him and cheer him up. I will try to smother him with kisses and tell him how I can't wait for the time alone with him at his appointment. He is already frustrated when we are doing this but it throws him off and eventually he will get the giggles. But it is not the happy giggles. They are the kind you have when you feel like crying and you just laugh instead of crying. They are his "crying giggles." After his fit of crying giggles, I went to bed praying for God's grace to cover him and that he would wake with a refreshed spirit. CJ snuggled in at the foot of my bed.....a sure sign he is struggling emotionally.

When morning came....he moved slow. It was hard to get him up, hard to get the emla numbing creme on his port, hard to get him moving, hard to get him to the car. It was even hard to get his blood to drip from his fingers to fill the three tubes the nurse needed. But once he saw his nurses he cheered up. He did great with the port access and the chemo so that was a blessing! His nurses are so great at distracting him and talking up a storm while they are working. They keep him so busy trying to keep up with them and all their silly chatter that he does not realize they are already accessing him. Nothing beats a great nurse! I will say it again and again....they can make or break your experience.

The reason we changed his chemo to a Thursday instead of our usual Friday appointments is because tomorrow is a big day for us! We have a little boy named Truman who is an osteosarcoma survivor who is just finishing a long year of intense chemotherapy and recovering from an above the knee amputation, coming to South Florida from Tulsa to complete his wish. We are humbled, honored, and amazed that our non-profit organization is able to fulfill this little boys wish when other large wish organizations could not. His wish happened to be to meet and interact with an Orca. One of CBC's corporate partners is Miami Seaquarium., so we asked them if they would be willing to grant this little amazing guy his wish. And they said YES! Can you believe it? I am still amazed! His family flew here for the weekend to meet Lolita , the Orca and swim with the dolphins at Miami Seaquarium. We are so grateful we could be a part of making this boys wish come true after all he has been through. That happens tomorrow morning and we are praying about whether to take CJ s our family has been invited to attend as well and watch. If he is doing well we will be there!

On top of that excitement, the long awaited Childhood Cancer Benefit Concert being hosted by the non-profit organization Music4Miracles is tomorrow night. Our organization (CBC) has been selected as one of the recipients of the proceeds of the event and the song written for CJ by M4M founder Kristi Huddleston is going to finally be released and debuted! We are so excited for this event. It has been over a year in the making. What started off as a birthday present to CJ from Kristi has grown into something to benefit all children battling cancer and we are so grateful to be a part of it. If you are coming, you won't be disappointed. (we got a sneak peak at was awesome!) And you can still get tickets at the door. Go to the above website for all the information.

So we have a busy day coming and are leaning on God for strength for CJ, grace for me as I speak at the event, protection against infection or over exposure for CJ, and just unity for our family as we keep our focus on HIM! We realize none of this is possible apart from Him. May it all be for His glory!

Please continue to lift up CJ's Poppa Enzo in prayer as he battles cancer. Like CJ, he has good days and bad days. He is struggling emotionally and physically. All we can do is be there for him, support him, meet his needs, pray, and wait.

For those that are new to the blog: Note: The non-proift organization our family founded is called Children Battling Cancer, Inc. (CBC) for short. The initials are a reminder to pray for the kids battling cancer as they are constantly monitoring their cbc's. a/k/a (Complete Blood Counts)

*All proceeds raised through CBC go directly to support (other) families with children battling cancer. All family outings and trips are provided in full by our corporate partners. Everything we do at CBC is for the glory of God! Thank you to everyone who has made donations or supported the chemo bag awareness fund-raiser or other CBC events!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

After a week off chemo due to low blood counts, CJ's counts still have not come back up. We went in on Friday for his follow up visit fully expecting them to be much higher, but were surprised to discover they were even lower.

Many have asked me to explain what this means and how CJ is feeling. One of the blood counts that are closely monitored throughout his treatment are called ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) This is calculated by combining different levels in his blood especially his white blood cells. Chemotherapy tears down the bad cancer cells and destroys them which is a good thing. Unfortunately, it can not differentiate between good cells and bad cells so it tears down and destroys good cells in the process. The white blood cells are your bodies ability to fight infection so if they are low you are at higher risk for infection. And if they are really low you have no ability to fight off infection so you are at high risk for complications due to an infection.

When red blood cells are low you can often see this because a person will feel and appear weak, may become pale and may even have a slower heart rate. When this happens a blood transfusion can quickly help the body recover. However, unlike the red blood cells which nourish your body and feed your blood, the white do not have the same physical effect. The white don't have any those symptoms or signs. And without monitoring them, we would probably not even realize this was happening. That is one reason it is so important for him to go in and get his cbc's monitored continually.

So physically, CJ feels fine. Emotionally, it takes a toll on him and he was very disappointed this week when he found out his counts were low. He knew it meant he was home bound again for another week at least and this is frustrating for him. So when the call came from the doctor, he cried and struggled with his emotions.

To cheer him up his dad took him to his grandma Paula's house while he did some work there for her. CJ got to hang out with Poppa Enzo who is also battling an aggressive cancer. Poppa said the two of them are in the 'same boat' so he knew how CJ felt. I still can't believe my son and his grandfather are both fighting cancer together.

When CJ came home his mood was much improved. Then a call came from our neighbor who offered to take CJ to the park to hit and field some balls. In the past, Chris and I would have said no way with his counts being low but we knew he would be outdoors and this would really cheer him up. So we let him go. He was so excited he jumped up and down and squealed, "Yes!" When he got back he was pretty wiped out but he said felt good. Later he thanked me for letting him go. He knows it is a sacrifice for us because our first reaction is to protect him. There have been many things he has not been able to do for the sake of getting better and fighting this disease. But I am discovering that sometimes you have to protect their hearts as much (and sometimes even more) than their physical bodies. This was one of those times!

Speaking of special times, CJ had a surprise visit this week we would love to share with you. Stanley Panther, the mascot from the Florida Panthers, knocked on our door early this week and surprised CJ with some great gifts including, a personalized jersey, autographed hockey stick, signed puck, hats, shirts and lot of other goodies. Needless to say, this was a wonderful blessing to our family. The blessing is not only because of the great gifts they bestowed on CJ, but mainly of what it means to us that these people would take the time to come over the home of a young boy and cheer him up. You could see the joy they got out of serving and blessing our family. It really was a huge blessing and joyful time for CJ while stuck at home.

This generosity came about because the corporate breakfast CJ spoke at last week was hosted by the CEO of the Florida Panthers. Some of the Panther's corporate team was there and they were touched by CJ's story as well as his sacrifice to be there even while he was sick all morning. (see last blog post). The Florida Panthers recently lost a very dear member of their corporate team to Lymphoma. It is always a potent reminder that my son is battling a disease that claims lives relentlessly.

We want to extend a huge thank you to the Florida Panthers for their willingness to use their resources to encourage and bless others. They are making a difference in the lives of people battling this disease. The stepped up and became the Corporate Sponsors for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help fund research for a cure.

CJ will continue this week mainly home-bound and still holding off his daily chemo. We need his counts to come up so he can go through with his chemotherapy scheduled for Friday morning. Friday evening is the long awaited Childhood Cancer Benefit Concert being hosted by Music4Miracles! We did not realize it would fall on a chemo day but CJ is the guest of honor and the song which was written especially for him will be released, so he needs to attend. Many of our CBC families will be there. If you are a local family with a child battling cancer you are welcome to attend as our guests. You will not need to buy tickets at the door.

However, for all of you who have purchased tickets and for all who do come and buy them at the door...Thank you! Your support is so appreciated! We expect the concert to be beautiful and a wonderful evening. There are some amazing singers, dancers, musicians, and aerial artists coming together, who are all donating their time and talent to make this happen. We are so grateful to Kristi Huddleston of for all her effort in putting this concert together. She has not only become a partner in this war against childhood cancer but she has become a dear friend and sister in the Lord for whom I am so grateful. We would strongly encourage you to attend this amazing event. It would make a memorable family event or date night! You can get all the details on our Events page or at the Music4Miracles website.

Please pray for CJ's counts to come up and for his protection from infection during this time while he is immune suppressed. He has his promotion ceremony tomorrow evening. He is graduating from the 5th grade and entering his first year of middle school next year. We have to decide whether to take him to this ceremony and how to handle the exposure. Decisions..decisions. I would love to see him walk across the stage and stand there and receive his certificate. I can not tell you how those little milestones affect me now. I always flash back to the day I was in the hospital finding out he had and aggressive Stage 3 cancer. I did not even allow myself to think of birthdays or graduation ceremonies. The thought of what might never be would instantly bring me to tears. Now, as I reach them, they bring me to tears of joy as I am so thankful to be able to witness CJ reach these milestones in his life. I can only be grateful for however many God allows us to experience.

Yet, even as I rejoice for CJ, my heart will always ache sorely and privately for the families whose children are no longer here because this disease ended their young lives. They will never experience these precious milestones with their children. Even so, I am all too aware that they have reached the Ultimate stand in the Lord's presence and worship at his throne! That is what I am raising CJ for. Not for birthdays, not for graduations, not for weddings....Oh yes, all that is special and I will cherish every single milestone the Lord grants me here on earth, but I am raising him for Heaven! That is the ultimate goal! But for now, I am so grateful for a 5th grade graduation to middle school! Thank you Lord!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's a Powerful Kid Look Like

**Please see update and prayer request for CJ at the bottom in red!!!**

What does a powerful kid look like?
Probably not like you would expect!

I wish I could post a picture of what was taking place in our car early yesterday morning as we set out to attend a corporate breakfast to benefit the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I wish I could post a picture of what was taking place in the lobby of the Chris Evert Children's Hospital later that morning when we arrived for the interviews and announcement of the winner of South Florida's Most Powerful Kid Contest.

That picture would be a true testimony of what a powerful kid looks like, but I bet it would not be what you would expect. It would be a picture of CJ throwing up! Yes! CJ was sick and throwing up throughout this whole amazing experience yesterday. As sad and difficult as it was, we believe it was God's wonderful mercy to allow that to happen. It kept us humble and made us depend on Him throughout the entire event filled day.

The whole family headed out at 7am because CJ and I were scheduled to speak at the Hyatt 66 for a Corporate Breakfast hosted by the LLS for Light the Night. CJ has been blessed to be chosen as their "Honored Hero" for this years' Broward Light the Night Walk. We were asked to come and share our story and share why the Light the Night walk is worthy of these corporate executives investing their time and resources.

We got about 15 minutes from the house with just enough time to make it there on time, and CJ, who had been feeling poorly all morning, started retching in the back seat. I tossed him a bag and he started throwing up (probably a mix of chemotherapy and nerves). We considered turning around and calling to tell them we would be late or not make it at all. But after throwing up, CJ felt a little better and seemed determined to keep the commitment, so we kept going.

The 40 minute drive was difficult. We had CJ not feeling well and two little ones who both needed to use the rest room very badly. Thankfully, we made it on time, and after a quick bathroom stop and quick clean up, we were in the room full of corporate execs. CJ was still really not feeling well and could not manage to get one thing down.

He was introduced as the 2010 Honored Hero and I shared our story on our family's behalf. When I finished, I introduced CJ. He was brief but what he said was extremely powerful. He said something to this effect, "Thank you all for being here. On the way here, I was not feeling very well. I thought about going home, but then it hit me that this is why we are here this morning. We want to encourage you to raise support for research of childhood cancer by participating in Light the Night so other kids won't have to be sick and suffer. Thank you again for coming and letting my family share our story."

Needles to say, my ten minute speech will not be remembered but that 30 second heartfelt and thank you from a little guy who has been throwing up just an hour before, and yet was still standing there, was powerful.

So proud of you CJ! When we are weak, then He is strong!

After the breakfast, we headed about 10 minutes down the road to the Chris Evert Children's Hospital to attend the announcement of the winner of the Most Powerful Kid Care Contest he was a finalist in. We knew CJ would have some interviews to do beforehand but we had no idea how big this event was going to be. We arrived and as we were waiting in a lobby with other families, CJ began not feeling well again. Within minutes, he was hiding in the phone booth throwing up into a garbage can. Poor guy! I found it interesting that we were there for the results of the Most Powerful Kid Contest and CJ was at the mercy of the Lord while he had no control over his stomach or pounding head. The Most Powerful People are those that are able to use their weakness to depend on God and bless others! That is CJ's story of what a Most Powerful Kid looks like.

Once again, after a quick clean up and shirt change, he was upstairs giving a news interview and encouraging the other finalists. I was watching him as he was being interviewed and I just kept thinking that none of these people could imagine that he was downstairs throwing up 10 minutes ago. But God knew, and He was with Him. It was so evident to me and I even became grateful that CJ was not feeling well. I knew it was keeping CJ and all of us humble and dependent on Him for strength.

Soon we were ushered into a large room full of balloons, media and lots and lots of people. We got to spend some time with one of the finalists named David. CJ came to me at one point and said, "Mom, I really hope David wins." I already knew he was thinking this because I know him so well. So I replied, "I know CJ, me too! Either way, no matter who wins, as long as God is glorified is all that matters." Then CJ said, "Mom, if for any reason I win I think I will give David....." Yes, he was already trying to give away his prizes just in case he won.

While we were waiting, CJ had to give more interviews and smile for LOTS of pictures. I kept wondering how he was feeling and if he was going to throw up again in this huge room full of people with no way to escape. He still had not eaten a thing and his head was hurting, but somehow he held it together. We were waiting quite a while as the room continued to fill more and more. The excitement and tension was palpable in the room. Everyone was so nice to our family. We met Chris Evert the famous tennis player and Pam Giganti of NBC 6. They were both very kind to our family. We met the families of the other finalists and many of the Chris Evert staff who were so amazing!

After a while, CJ and I sat and prayed together and just asked God to use this day for His glory and that whoever wins would be according to His will.

Finally, the ceremony began and they introduced the three finalists and shared their individual stories. Chris Evert was there to announce the winner. When she came up I noticed that all the cameras gathered around and got their lens' focused and ready for that big announcement. They all settled their cameras on David just as she was getting ready to read the winner's name so I thought that was a dead give away that David won. I looked over at Chris and said, "Good, it's David, that is awesome." As I brought my hands up to clap for David, Chris Evert suddenly said, "CJ George." My hand flew to my mouth instead of clapping as you can see in th Sun Sentinal.'s capture of that moment. I was honestly stunned!

The camera thing really threw me off and we had pretty much been sure that David won. We really felt that David deserved to win. His story is AMAZING! If you did not get a chance to read it, this is a 17 year old gentleman that went from a double felony charge at the age of 9, while living in the foster care system, to now being an honor roll student and going to Harvard this summer for their summer intern program. He wants to be a lawyer and advocate for other foster kids who get in trouble. Truly amazing!

Back to the live action........We were truly stunned and very humbled. I saw tears in many eyes. There were tears in Chris's eyes (CJ's dad) and tears filling in my own. But the tears that really got me the most were when I turned around and saw the flood of tears in the eyes of my friend Sue Gonzalez, Mackenzie's mom.

She was there with her troop of four little kids to support CJ! They had been encouraging others to vote all along through Mackenzie's caring bridge site. But that is not why her tears were so powerful and heartfelt to me. Her tears are the tears of one cancer mom to another who knows that those moments in our children's lives are priceless and precious and an amazing gift from God. We are so grateful for them and know there is no guarantee of another one. We know that not too long ago we never thought we would even get this far or have this moment. As good as some of these kids appear to be doing, us cancer moms know enough and read enough about other families to know that these kids lives are always a scan away from..........I won't even bother to type the word. Anyway, it was her tears that really got me and that is when mine spilled over.

The rest is a blur. There was suddenly a bigger frenzy than before. There were so many people who wanted to congratulate CJ. We took lots of pictures. We wanted to get it up on facebook for all of you and say thank you as soon as possible for voting, so we were frantically typing away on our phones.

All of this has been followed up by more interviews and radio broadcasts today and in the coming days. We just see it as more opportunity to share his story and encourage others to trust God amidst difficult circumstances and look to the interest of others more than ourselves.

We are grateful for the team of judges that selected CJ as a finalist. But the ultimate victory was won by all of you! CJ's team. You have been his team from the very beginning. You have seen him through so much. The other day I was looking back over the blog and some of the things we have experienced. There are no words! Thank you for voting and spreading the word. Encourage those you shared it with to read this testimony of what they helped accomplish through a weak but willing vessel.

Thank you for voting and once again carrying our family to victory!

Above all, we are most grateful to our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ! We want Him to receive all the glory and honor due His great name.

I have a confession for all of you....even though we are so grateful for these past couple days and we had a blast over these past couple weeks voting together and spreading the word, our main hope is that somewhere along the way you caught the truth in all this that......CJ is not a powerful kid.....he just serves a Powerful GOD! All you are seeing is his Lord reflecting through him. To God be the Glory!

Lastly, CJ goes in for CBC's (blood counts) tomorrow. We ask for prayers that his blood counts are in a safe range and that the vomiting is ceased for good.

*** JUST FOUND OUT CJ has an ANC of 300! So he is severely neutropenic (at high risk for infection) . For some reason this is no surprise anymore. It always seems to be that when we are around a million people doing a million things we find out his blood counts are extremely low. They are going to hold his daily chemo that he takes at home and re-check him next Friday. So please adjust your prayers to reflect the need for protection for CJ with all the exposure he has had over the last few days and for his counts to come back up!


First Place (CJ) Won:

MacBook Lap Top
iPod touch
iPod nanno
Flip HD video camera
Wii system
Wii fit

The other two finalists also won....

Wii system
Wii fit
and other prizes

Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!

Don't forget to pray for Mackenzie and other kids battling cancer. Thank you Sue for being there for our family yesterday. That meant a lot to us and I know first hand how difficult that is with four little kids.
Here are some pictures of Mackenzie and her adorable siblings from yesterday.

More Pictures

CJ and Chris Evert

The finalists Jordan, CJ, and David

Here is a link to the Chris Evert Facebook page to see the exciting events unfold.