Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stand by and Watch

We are heading back to Joe DiMaggio tomorrow (Thursday for CT Scans, which were finally approved by our insurance carrier. We will follow up Friday morning with blood counts and a possible port flush. Shhh.....Don't tell CJ yet!

Please pray for all to go well and once again... for clear scans.!!!CJ will be up bright and early drinking the contrast dye necessary to get the scans and then we will head over to the hospital to get started. I am honestly not completely sure why we are doing this since the PET Scan was clear but I believe t is because the doctor wants a baseline in the event that CJ were to relapse in the future. Which he won't! Amen! But I think it may be because it shows some views that the PET Scan does not. So all in all it is very important.

CJ has been doing really well physically. He is playing baseball again and he loves it. I can see the improvement in him physically as he runs the bases. His strength and endurance are coming back gradually as well.

He is really falling in love with Hockey, and in many ways Hockey has fallen in love with him. CJ had a big impact on the COO of the Fl Panthers, Michael Yormark, when he spoke at an event. As a result, Mr. Yormark invited CJ to speak at the FL Panthers business meeting a couple of times. They also invited him to drop the first puck at the Hockey Fights Cancer game as well as ride the Zamboni on opening night. This was really wonderful for him. He was so excited for all of this and it all fell right when he was ending treatment and getting the scans completed so it has been very celebratory for our family.

We also recently attended the FL Panthers Hockey Foundation Annual Luncheon where they announced their mission to fight pediatric cancer. We are excited to be a part of this, not only as a family but also as a foundation. They have selected our foundation, CBC, among other great pediatric cancer foundations, to support as part of their ongoing mission.

We are grateful that more and more corporations and foundations are getting behind pediatric cancer. We still have a long way to go but they are helping pave the way for the future. We are so grateful for the Florida Panthers as well as the Hyundai Corporation for their Hope on Wheels Program. Some other amazing foundations supporting pediatric cancer are Glad Cookies for Cancer Foundation (these are the Glad products you buy at the store), the Jeff Gordon Foundation and the St. Baldricks Foundation.

Speaking of the Glad corporation, CJ has been paired up with Peter Facinelli of the Twilight Series for the Glad to Give Celebrity Cookie Challenge. I have been told that if Peter wins then CJ wins. You can help Peter win by simply clicking this link GLAD TO GIVE and hitting "Join Team" Under Peter Facinelli. Not completely sure yet what he wins but I know it is that simple. So take a second and do this for CJ! You guys have already voted him to the top of the Most Powerful Kid Contest once before, so I know you can do it again!

As I mentioned, CJ has been speaking at many events for Light the Night to help fund-raise and promote the walk. He has been selected as the Honored Hero for Light the Night's Broward Walk this year which will be held on November 13th at the Wayne Huizenga Plaza in Ft Lauderdale on Las Olas. As the honored hero he will be speaking at the kick off right before the walk so if you plan to come out don't be late! Our tables will be somewhere near the stage this year so you all can see well.

At this event, we will be cutting off our blue Pray for CJ bracelets that we put on over two years ago to show support to CJ and remind us to pray. There are so many of you who have consistently worn them for two years now. Some I know of have never taken them off. Amazing! And it means a lot to CJ and our family. Even if you have not worn yours in a while, put it on and come to the walk and stand with us as we symbolically remove them just as the Lord has removed the cancer from CJ's little body. If you need one or have lost yours let me know and I will send you another one!

We are really hoping for a huge turnout for this END of Chemo Walk for CJ. Come celebrate with us. If you still have not joined his team here is the link Light the Night Team CJ End of Chemo Walk.

I know all of this sounds so wonderful and it is true that some really amazing things have happened to our family as a result of all of this. We had the opportunity to spend some time with some family and friends this weekend at a very special place and it was amazing. It wasn't something Chris and I could do for CJ. It was a gift. I kept thinking, how did we get here?

Sometimes I ask myself......If someone sat me down and told me all that would happen and all the good things that would come to my family but only if my son got cancer and went through 2 years of chemotherapy and fear and anxiety never knowing if he would survive and watching so many other children suffer and die what would I have said; I think I would have probably said, "No thanks! Keep your blessings and I will keep my healthy child."

Of course I did not have that option then and that is a good thing. However, I am so thankful that God allows, even orchestrates, good to come from bad. I am so thankful that some people out there 'get it' and are willing to use their resources, time, energy, blessings to lift the spirits of a child who has been through something like this. (Peter Kahn, there are no words to thank you for the generosity and kindness you have shown our family. God is using you my friend. I pray you will see His hand on your life as we do. We are truly stunned at what you have done for us. Thank you!)

As CJ's parents, it means the world to us to see him sit on a Zamboni and ride it across the ice at a Hockey Game, or drop the first puck, or throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, or in the water riding the back of a dolphin, or enjoying his friends at an event we could never have otherwise provided for him. For any parent these would be great moments right? Sure they would! But you see, we have sat by his bedside in a hospital for two years watching him be poked, prodded, and poisoned and there was nothing we could do by stand by and watch. Those images get burned onto your brain no matter how hard you try to not allow them to. So if we can now stand by and watch him have some joy, you better believe we are grateful and we are burning those images into our brain just as fiercely.

As I stand by and watch, I am always thanking God. Don't get me wrong,...I see the individuals who organize, pay for, and donate these events to CJ and I am thankful for them. But even more so, I see my God's hand behind it all and I just think, Wow Lord, Look what you did! You are so kind!

"Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today... The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."
(Exodus 14: 13-14)


Anonymous said...

Once again we will be praying for you all and asking for His blessings to be upon your family and YOU CJ. We will be celebrating with you the end of this long battle and rejoycing in what He has done.
Love Claudia
for The Abeggs

Nan Jones said...

Yay, Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

dawn & chris,
we are continuing to pray and are sooooo happy for this outcome and are soooo proud of you for your attitude, faith and ministry!! I have been eager to hear when the port will come out - have they said 'when', yet? aunt karen

Janet S. said...

Hi, Dawn,
Just want to say that looking back at all the entries and pictures on the, you've come a long way! I know I cannot even begin to imagine, not being in your place, but having gone through difficult circumstances myself, I know what it's like to look back and say, "There is no way I could've done this alone. Thank you, Lord, for carrying us through this!" And I know you feel the same way.
Once again, your family has been an example of how we are to glorify God in every circumstance, and how God carries us through the fire when we lean on Him.