Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Tree of Life and Death

I posted two blogs back to back here, so please take a minute and read the other one below as well which has a CJ update.

After years of frustration with my Christmas tree and its significance, I was determined to make our tree special this year. So, after much thought, I decided to do it in all gold for childhood cancer. We covered it in gold ornaments and made gold cancer shaped ribbons. Then we wrote the names of the children we have come to know and love on them.

Unfortunately, we ran out of ribbons rather quickly and had to purchase another batch. That should tell you something. There are well over 50 ribbons on my tree and we have only been in this small corner of the childhood cancer world for two years. Sad.

The tree is beautiful. Much more so in person than in pictures but I will share them anyway. Each ribbon represents a child battling cancer! Too many of the names on my tree are no longer with us. That was a shock to me as I started to write the names on the ribbons. They just flowed off my pen, one after the other. Many of them we have met. Some we pray for from afar. We feel a deep connection to them all. We love them. I love my tree because I love them.

These are only some of the ribbons but I wanted to share the overall feel of the tree. There is still Creed, Deana, Abigail, Amanda, Hailey, Zara, Seth, Bella, Ryan, Anthony, Marcus, Andrew, Maisa, Bo, Tyler, Kuke, MGabriel, Avona, Aref, Pharoah, Sammie, Myah, Addison, Angel, Rainy, Lena, Nayali, Nathalie, Victoria, on and on and on......see how easily they come!

As I sit in front of my special tree this year, I can't help but see the names of all the children and reflect on the meaning of Christmas....the gift of life and death. Oh yes! I said the gift of death. You see, on this side of heaven, in our human flesh, we see death from the eyes of the fallen, as a result of a curse, the loss of a loved one, the physical pain of grief, the end of a life. And death certainly is all of those things. But the gift of death is also viewed from the other side of heaven, with a perspective we don't truly have yet. Reunited with our Father in Heaven, death sets us free! It is merciful in that it allows and end to suffering and beginning to life eternal. When we get there, we will view death as a gift rather than a curse. That is the hope we have as Christians anyway, and why we "do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope". (1Thes 4:13)

And of course the ultimate gift of life and death is that of Jesus Christ which is why we celebrate at Christmas after all. Or you can celebrate Santa and Rudolph I suppose. Whatever you prefer.

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Anonymous said...

I love your tree and its always good to have a tree with a special meaning. I think you capture Christmas awesomely since with Jesus we have the gift of life and if we are christians to die is gain.
Thanks for always opening your heart and for using your talents to serve and minister to others.
It's awesome to see how CBC has been able to bless so many families in such little time and while you were all battling the disease at the same time.

Love you all!
Merry Christmas! Looking forward to seeing God's blessings for your family for 2011!

Viguie Family